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Jerez Electronics When it comes to the cost of a security camera installation there are many questions that we need answers to. What are the concerns? How does success look like for a system in your home. We belive in 2021 it is time to upgrade all security cameras on campus from analog to digital. Studies have shown that a security installation on campus will make students parents feel more safer.

With our licence electricians our security installation will be up to state and city code and till be professionally and well timed installed. Due to security breach, the National Defense Authorization Act, NDAA has banned around 60 or more brands. Each location has its own security needs. Tell us more about your security concerns, so that we can get started on a plan to address them with our security cameras and video surveillance system.

Dedicated to providing our nationaland local customers with a peace of mind by Installing video survaillance. If you're looking to secure your business, call us today for a comprehensive solution package based on your budget and requirements.

read more › Since 2010 Jerez Electronics has provided world wide installation nationwide and locally. We carry NDAA compliant security camera packages to fit your company needs and budget. We understand how important security is for your property and would love to start with a plan right away for you. Feel free to contact us below.

read more › PROTEC YOUR EYES : Not having a TV backlight will cause eye strain and headaches while watching TV in the dark because your eyes have to adjust to the surrounding area. SAFE TO USE : This backlight is safe for children to use, it is taped to the back of the tv and runs from a 5Voltage source. FLEXIBLE CONTROL : Equipped with a physical and smartphone app control, the user can dim the lights and can be turned off from the touch of a button. SPECIAL MUSIC MODE: Because of the high sensitive mic installed on the light strip, it will adjust to the music you are playing.

read more › We work together with companies to facilitate the installs of their Point of sale, POS sytems. We have technicians in a National level ready to help you and your staff wtih training and installation. We can facilitate the selection of the best machines available on the market. We can schedule time to review what is the best machine for your budget as well as your business needs.

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