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Better Home Systems From almost, anywhere in the world, have the power to control your alarm system in the palm of your hand. Full service and support, all operations based in the southwest and northwest United States. Experience; we have installed thousands of commercial and residential alarm systems throughout California, Idaho and Washington. Flat rate monitoring; one monthly rate no matter how many devices you have on your system.

read more › We also operate under the name "Better Home Systems". Palmyra Properties is owned and operated by Alumni of the University of Idaho and Washington State University. We have been in business since 1995 and proudly provide our customers advanced technology security systems and alarm monitoring at a rate substantially less than our national competitors. When it comes to securing your family, home and business, you don't have to pay more every month just for the alarm company name on the window sticker or yard sign.

read more › Businesses without an alarm system are four and a half times more likely to be burglarized than businesses with an alarm system. Imagine showing up at your business to find your computers gone, your office ransacked and inventory missing. Businesses are targeted by burglars because it is obvious when the business is unoccupied. Businesses also tend to have computers, cash, tools and other items easily converted to cash. A small investment in an alarm system can prevent a burglary from becoming something much larger than just a broken door.

read more › Homes without an alarm system are two and a half times more likely to be broken into than homes with a monitored alarm system. 74% of all burglaries are residential and most happen in the middle of the day, right through the front door. Do you travel and want to protect your family and home while you're away? Do you have a vacation or second home that is vacant for days at a time? Are you a single parent with children? Have there been break-ins around your neighborhood? An alarm system is a small investment in dollars and a huge investment in protection.

read more › Sure, you have smoke detectors throughout your house. But, did you know that those are designed to get you out of the house in the event of a fire only while you're at home? What happens if a fire starts while you're NOT at home? Does anyone know of the fire before there are flames leaping out of the windows? Does your business have a monitored fire alarm system and evacuation plan in place? Most commercial business locations are required to have some kind of monitored fire alarm system, especially specialty care facilities like special needs homes, day care centers, memory care facilities, and the like.

read more › Do you own or manage a storage facility, gated community, commercial building or a business that requires secure facilities and the regulation of who can come and go? An access control system could be the key to managing your facility more effectively. Utilizing PIN numbers or proximity access cards (or both), an access control system prevents unauthorized access to the grounds or building. Our systems can be controlled remotely, in real time, via the web or smart phone to quickly update, add or delete access to users.

read more › Only in Hollywood can grainy video footage be digitally enhanced and the image matched to some worldwide database of criminal's faces to produce an arrest. In real life, this is extremely rare. Ask any law enforcement officer you know how many video clips are provided by citizens and how many arrests are made because of them. Video surveillance is about deterrence and forensic evidence in environments where an alarm system is not practical. Outdoor inventory, as in the case of a car sales lot, or where many people are coming and going, as in a mini-storage facility, are great applications for video surveillance.

read more › Sierra Security has always been on the cutting edge of technology and is committed to providing the most user friendly and accessible systems available today. Most of our systems can be controlled via the Internet and through free iPhone and Android apps for almost anywhere hand held control. Want to make sure your kids are home by 3? Set up a text alert that sends a message to your smart phone if your alarm system is not disarmed by 3. Need to track employees opening and closing your business?

read more › Most commercial buildings are required, by the local jurisdiction (fire department or building permit department), to have a monitored fire alarm system and/or a fire suppression system (i.e. At Sierra Security we have designed simple systems like for a small day care center in Post Falls all the way up to intelligent systems such as for a large church and school in Hayden. We work with the local fire departments to design systems that will meet NFPA code and local requirements so sign-off on system completion is a one visit demonstration to the authority that meets their approval.

read more › Most national alarm companies have fashioned themselves, business model-wise, after ADT, one of the oldest and largest alarm companies. Why? Because this business model is extremely profitable, both for the national company and their network of authorized dealers. 1 The alarm sales team, which is almost always employed by an independent, authorized dealer of APZ, knocks on the doors of homes around dinner time on weeknights. 2 If allowed entry, the sales team applies high pressure tactics to get a signature on an APZ contract that evening.

read more › When evaluating alarm systems for your home or business, there are several factors to consider in choosing how much equipment is necessary to adequately protect yourself and your property. The decision really comes down to a few factors. Money, of course is one factor. Where the property you're protecting is located is another, and how the building or home is constructed is a third. Many people initially think that every door and window must be connected to the alarm system, with motion sensors as a backup to door/window contacts.

read more › AT&T has recently announced plans to sunset their 3G cellular service in February of 2022. Unfortunately the alarm industry as a whole has always been a bit behind in wireless technology and there are literally millions of systems out there with 3G communications modules. We expect Verizon to announce their 3G sunset plans very shortly. We have done extensive research into multiple ways and many different products available to upgrade systems, with the goal of providing the most cost effective upgrade options without sacrificing our ability to provide excellent customer service.

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