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Superior Alarm & Fire Protection Superior Alarm was founded by Dan and Becky Culmer. They both grew up on the Western Slope of Colorado and proudly serve the Montrose, Gunnison and Telluride areas. We have engineers and designers that have Level I - III certification by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET). This allows Superior Alarm the freedom to be able to envision and engineer large projects from the beginning design and blueprint stages to their full implementation.

We have proven experience having engineered and installed systems in hospitals, hotels, governmental facilities, restaurants and in various types of residential construction. All our systems are designed to meet all federal, state and local fire codes. Thank you for visiting our website and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Mike designs audio / video, surround sound and home theater systems. With his knowledgeable background, he can custom design an integrated home or office automation system.

read more › We will custom design a system to address the areas of risk specific to your business while providing the highest quality products and service. Security and Fire Alarm systems can be connected to a secure and reliable central monitoring station that has been certified by Underwriter's Laboratories (UL Certification). This ensures continuous 24-hour monitoring and a quick response from the local authorities.

read more › We have installed many different types of audio-video systems in many different commercial applications, from restaurants and airports to places of worship and board rooms. We can also design and install an incredible, customized home theater system that includes the screen and surround sound audio system. We are happy to explain the different types of video displays including all types of projectors (LCD and DLP) and televisions (LCD, Plasma, LED, DLP and Laser View) and suggest the best technology for your lifestyle.

read more › If you have a restaurant or other commercial kitchen, we offer worry-free inspections to keep you in compliance of local and state fire ordinances as well as insurance requirements. We can add you to our automatic annual inspection list and there will be no need for you to remember to call us every year, we will remember for you. This will ensure that your hood system and fire extinguishers are tested and in compliance.

read more › A Nurse Call System brings peace of mind to healthcare workers, patients, and their loved ones. In an industry where quick response times are critical, allowing patients the ability to contact a nurse or other healthcare provider and get an immediate response is of the utmost importance. At Superior Alarm & Fire Protection, we understand that assisted living, skilled care, and retirement facilities are unique business situations that merit special care and efficiency. To better serve these special needs, we offer custom nurse call systems that allow a higher quality of care and service.

read more › Superior Alarm & Fire Protection can install a video surveillance system that can provide you a view of occurrences on your property. Contact us for numerous solutions that can range from something simple to something as advanced as allowing you to use IP over the internet. This can allow you to view your camera system inside your business from the convenience of your personal computer. Protecting your customers, employees and property has always been a concern, yet has never been more convenient.

read more › Superior Alarm & Fire Protection can design and install numerous types of residential systems including any audio / video or home theater system. No matter the size or complexity of your system, it can be monitored with a 247 central monitoring station. It has redundant infrastructure and is UL listed (Underwriters' Laboratories) listed to ensure your peace of mind and guarantee a fast response. This entrance has an intercom system that allows communication to occur with the visitor at the front door from any room within the house.

read more › If you would like to change your television and viewing experience to a sleek, flat screen LCD, plasma or projection system, call Superior Alarm & Fire Protection for professional advice. We have a large selection in stock and can show you televisions that range from 36" to 96". We can also design and install an incredible, customized home theater system that includes the screen, surround sound audio system and luxurious leather theater seating! Our three showrooms at our office location offer different choices that cater to different budget ranges and allow you to enjoy a theatrical experience in your home.

read more › Projectors are quickly becoming a common installation within home theaters and businesses. Projectors offer superb viewing of DVD, Blu-ray and HD-DVDs. Projectors come in a variety of shapes, sizes and price levels and offer manageable portability. We can create a custom theatrical experience for you to enjoy. Let us know the size of the room, type of audio - visual installation format that you would like to access (including surround sound) as well as style and type of furniture. We have also designed many commercial, large scale projector systems for places of worship, as well as for schools and office teleconferencing.

read more › It has been found that homes without security systems are 300% more likely to be burglarized than homes that have security systems. Experienced burglars, those who are likely to make it past a locked door, know better than to test their abilities against a professionally installed system. A reputable and trusted security system is a strong deterrent against burglary, one that protects you and your loved ones. Technology now allows the use of one control panel to operate both security and fire alarm systems.

read more › These are essential pieces of hardware that are often hidden from view. They include articulating (fully adjustable) mounts that allow for a 180 degree range of motion to allow for easy viewing from anywhere within the room. We carry many different options from a variety of manufacturers that can complement any possible decor. Low profile mounts can offer a stationary position to streamline a look with virtually no visibility. Articulating mounts allow the TV to be rotated away from the wall and face a different direction.

read more › Bring the excitement of the big screen theater into your own home with your very own personally tailored home theater. Surround sound allows the listener to hear in a theater like atmosphere, with sound coming from all directions. In the picture to the right, three speakers can be seen near the screen, there are two others within the front side walls, while other speakers are located near the back of the room. One of our most often requested services, these make staying home a most enjoyable even luxurious experience.

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