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Pacific Business Systems Advances in technology make it easy and affordable for your company, small or large, to have lighting fast internet, plenty of bandwidth, and business phones that make it just as easy to answer your phone outside the office as inside your office. Get ready to increase productivity, lower expenses, and improve your customer service. Our team has the experience and certifications to ensure your project goes smoothly - you can count on us.

I love that we selected Pacific Business Systems to replace our old phone systems. They listened to what our needs were, asked intelligent questions on what our needs might be in the future, and put together an excellent phone system for us. I would highly recommend Pacific Business Systems for your business phone needs. Corrie and his team are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and efficient.

We have opened several offices in the last few years and Corrie and his team have been the first service provider we have contacted to start the process. They have always been on time, on schedule and available to answer any questions we have about the process.

read more › Our mission is to provide you with a single source for reliable telecommunications equipment and service. Our goal is to provide the caliber of service that inspires every customer to give us a positive review. Pacific Business Systems was founded in 1990 by Corrie Bender. Corrie runs the company with an unwavering commitment to creating rock-solid solutions at competitive prices. We carefully select our providers/partners - choosing only those with a proven track record of reliability. Our geographical focus is the Puget Sound region; this focus enables us to respond quickly with superior service.

read more › Advances in technology have transformed the way businesses communicate. Full-featured technology that used to require a substantial investment is now affordable for small and medium-sized organizations. Our team of experts is ready to help your organization select and implement these powerful technologies. Discover how your small or medium-sized organization could use today's security camera, phone, network, or backup technology to save time, increase effectiveness, and boost profitability. Contact us today to talk with a telecommunications expert for more information and to get a quote.

read more › Quality, Structured Cabling Delivers Reliable and Consistent Communications on your Network - including Telephone/Voice, Data, and Video. Audio Visual Cabling: conference rooms, projectors, TVs, media rooms, overhead paging systems, and music systems. We work directly with you or your IT consultant to design and implement your cable and related products. Your questions will be answered in plain English by our highly trained and experienced network cabling team. You can count on a quality installation from start to finish - from the neatest patch panels you may ever see down to the faceplates with strategically positioned windows that hide the screws.

read more › Camera systems provide peace-of-mind when it comes to the safety of your employees, customers, business assets, and premises. With the wide array of camera features available, it's important to work with an experienced provider who will design and install a camera system that captures images that meet your needs. Today's advanced security camera system equipment requires significant technical and product expertise. Our expertise includes cabling for your camera system, installation of cameras and NVR (network video recorder), training, and set up for remote viewing on your network and away from your network.

read more › Now it's easy and cost-effective to give your team the popular telephone features that make it easy to work from just about anywhere. Do you have team members who work in the office, on the road, at home, or all of the above? Where ever they work, cloud-based (VoIP) phone systems give your team a wide range of useful features that save time and reduce effort. Easy-to-use cloud-based (VoIP) phone systems deliver great features for organizations of all sizes - from large organizations to home-based businesses.

read more › Are you moving, adding offices, adding employees, connecting remote offices, connecting work-from-home employees, or fed up with your old phone system? A new phone system can increase productivity, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and strengthen your competitive position. Never miss a client's call again with forward to your cell phone feature available from your desk phone or from your voice mail greeting. Have a superior cordless phone that allows you to roam freely in your building or warehouse.

read more › An office move or expansion can cause sleepless nights. There are many details to handle along with the pressure of ensuring that your customers are served and your employees are productive. Whether your move is months or weeks away, you'll save time, energy, and minimize telephone system downtime when you call Pacific Business Systems to move your telephone system. Our telephone system experts will handle all the details to ensure your telephone system move or expansion goes smoothly. Install cabling at your new location, as needed.

read more › Telecom services, bundles, and rates, including telephone and internet services, are more complex than ever. Many companies pay higher than necessary rates for services that may no longer be the best fit for their needs. Our telecom experts are ready to help you evaluate alternatives, optimize capabilities, and implement phone service or internet service provider changes smoothly, easily, and quickly. If your organization hasn't reviewed your telecommunication bills in the last 18 months, it's time for a free review!

read more › When you need service for your VoIP phones, PBX telephone system, network cabling, or security camera system, your team of experts at Pacific Business Systems is ready to help. Our team has extensive experience with the leading security camera, cable, and phone products and providers. Required fields in *red. Typically, you will receive a reply within 24 hours on business days. We'll gather more information and schedule an expert to visit your site to address the issues.

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