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Many small and medium size businesses want the ability to grow, and with CRCS Inc., you are ready to do just that. Begin with two extensions, yet maintain the ability for unlimited growth. And with features like Voicemail to E-Mail, Outlook Integration, Mutli- Party Conferencing and more, we will be right there with you, wherever your enterprise takes you.

A well designed structured cabling system installed today must support the needs of both your voice and data networks well into the future. We use internationally recognized communications cabling standards for copper, coaxial and fiber optic cabling to ensure that our customers are equipped for today's technology as well as ready for the future.

read more › CRCS Inc. is a technology company specializing in voice communications (Digital, Analog and VOIP), Wireless, Unified/Centralized Communication, Multimedia solutions and services. As an AVAYA Business Partner, CRCS Inc. offers an array of solutions designed to assist small and mid-sized businesses, education and government use communications to improve productivity, increase profitability and optimize system performance. Dean Miller, Founder and President of CRCS Inc. started the company in 1990, had already had over 30 years of telecommunications company experience.

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