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Welcome to E. Security Alarm System in South Florida, where "Peace of Mind is Worth Having". We have gained over 2 decades of experience designing, installing, maintaining and monitoring all applications of Honeywell security systems. E.Security Alarm Systems is a Florida state licensed and insured burglar alarm and security systems solutions provider with operations in Miami-Dade, Broward and West Palm beach.

Our corporate office and showrooms are located at 6761 West Sunrise Blvd. E.Security Alarm Systems provides installations, service perfomance and monitoring services in Kendall, Pinecrest, Coral Gables, Miami Beach, Palmetto Bay and the surrounding cities in Miami Dade county. SouthWest Ranches, Davie, Weston, Plantation, Sunrise, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Parkland and other surrounding cities.

In West Palm Beach counties, Wellington, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton and the surrounding cities, and we have a fleet of technicians to deliver same day service. We pride ourselves in providing punctual, un-paralleled customer service at a very competitive price.

read more › We operate primarily in Miami-Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach counties in Florida and since 2007, expanded our services to the Caribbean. We provide unmatched security systems solutions to meet the needs of thousands of residential and commercial customers. We also provide installation and service performance for M&S Intercom systems, CCTV surveillance systems, Personal reporting system and personal self defense products along with specific self defense techniques in order to minimize or avoid a potentially threatening or deadly situation.

read more › Consult your product manual first, and if you cannot find the solution, please contact us immediately. We will do our best to answer your questions over the phone or through email, and if we can't do that, then we will come to you and look over your product and service it. ESecurity Alarm Systems strives to have the best customer service throughout the Tri-County Area of South Florida. Check all aspects of your alarm system-the keypad or the video surveillance cameras, for example. If you cannot find anything wrong, then please call us and we will determine why the alarm went off.

read more › They should be reliable and experienced, take pride in their work, and only sell and install products from a reputable manufacturer such as Honeywell security products. For example, beyond having perimeter protection for the doors and windows, there may be a need to have protection for internal doors that house computers, merchandise and other high-value items. In other instances, it may be important to give specific individuals limited access to areas within the facility such as a storage room or garage.

read more › Choose a Home Security System to Protect your Plantation, FL Home. In Plantation Florida, a security system will help to protect you and your family from home invasion and burglary. You can count on great deals on home security system all the time. With a quality wireless home security system you don't have to mess with any wires, plus get motion, glass break, and flood sensors that are wireless as well. With a wireless security system in Plantation, FL you get the peace of mind that you are protected around the clock.

read more › C.C.T.V. or Closed Circuit Television or cameras systems has evolve to a must have technology for today's homes and business owners. In the past cameras systems were made up of cassettes and Time lapse recorders with black and white cameras. Today, our cameras systems are comprised of a D.V.R. Digital Video Recorder, digital cameras, or IP cameras, with fixed or vari-focal lenses. At E.Security Alarm Systems, we will design an affordable yet robust, camera system based on several objectives. Some of the customer's concerns maybe to record 24 hour per day with a DVR, are they looking for viewing remotely through a network whereby one can conveniently connect to their home or business CCTV surveillance camera system and see what is happening in real time.

read more › Are you looking for an intercom system for your home, office, or business so you can feel safe and secure? Or maybe you are looking for an intercom with voice, music, video and a door unlocking feature for full security. Look no more! We have an intercom system to meet your specific needs. ESecurity Alarm Systems offers the best selections of intercoms for residential or commercial applications. With over 20 years of intercom installation experience, we only sell what we can stand behind and we offer installation tech support for all our products.

read more › A Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) is an electronic device designed to let you summon help in an emergency. If you are a disabled or an older person living alone, you may be thinking about buying a PERS (also called a Medical Emergency Response System). A PERS has three components: a small radio transmitter (a help button carried or worn by the user); a console connected to the user's telephone; and an emergency response center that monitors calls. If the center cannot contact you or determine whether an emergency exists, it will alert emergency service providers to go to your home.

read more › Greg Dutko - E-Security owner Ernie quickly responded quickly to my inquiry and a few days later came out to assess and activate alarm system. E-Security owner Ernie quickly responded quickly to my inquiry and a few days later came out to assess and activate alarm system. Told me exactly what needed to be done and had system up and running by end of day. Both him and his team were extremely thorough and professional and Ernie was hands-on the entire time. He spent as much time as was needed to answer all of my questions Great local business that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to install or activate an alarm system or change monitoring providers.

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