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Duress alarm system: emergency communication system or panic alarm system. Sentry Products is a manufacturer of a duress alarm system, known as an emergency communication system or panic alarm system. Sentry Products has been in the business of providing Duress Alarm Systems to correctional facilities, juvenile detention centers, judicial centers, emergency Medical facilities and schools for over 20 years.

Our original system was developed by a grant from NASA for school security. The Sentry Products SCS is a very reliable emergency communication system that uses ultrasonic technology. Other commonly used names for this type of system include Panic Alarm System, Personal Alarm System, Staff Security System, ultrasonic duress system, Man Down System, emergency nurse call, employee security system, SCAN alarm system, and PAR.

The SCS system consists of a small ultrasonic transmitter that is about the size of a pager and is carried around by staff members. In the case of an emergency, a small pin on the transmitter is pulled that sets off a silent signal to a hardwired receiver.

read more › In times of emergency, when life may be endangered, this is the first word that comes to mind. Sentry Products provides an emergency communication system designed to protect people who work or live in institutions where there is the threat of violence, industrial Hazard, or medical alert. A system such as this, so vital to human life, cannot fail. That is why we made system dependability our highest priority. Let's talk about dependability. For whatever reason staff security may be required, you can count on Sentry's system technology.

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