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Please consider purchasing a surveillance grade hard drive designed for use in a security camera system to go along with your new recorder. Remember that 4 and 8 camera recorders can have 1 hard drive fitted, 16 camera can have 2. When you purchase the hard drive at the same time as the recorder we include installation, formatting and testing free of charge.

This is to ensure your system is fully functional and plug-and-play ready when you receive it.

read more › After many years of experience in the security camera industry in the UK, Orange Security was conceived to bring product selection and best practices from Europe and specifically the UK over to the land of the free and home of the brave. Our concept of security camera systems is also straight forward. By fitting a security camera system you are fitting a deterrent - hopefully you'll never have to use the footage from your system. Sometimes however bad things do happen. We want you to be prepared when these bad things do happen.

read more › You're about to learn a big secret! Obviously we can't guarantee it'll solve all your problems, however it will at least solve your security camera problems. This golden rule has been used for the past decade to successfully plan security camera systems that result in great quality footage and ultimately a massive rate of convictions. This golden rule is the one main thing that will differentiate your security camera system from your neighbors and when they require footage they will come to you!

read more › Probably the most common question asked! The primary reason is that professional security consultants can address the issue of not having enough internal specialist knowledge and expertise within an organization. Whether it's gaining a clear understanding of your organization's existing physical security or ensuring your organization complies with current or upcoming regulation changes (such as NDAA 2019), a team of physical security consultants who live and breathe security can make a huge difference.

read more › The recorder is the heart of your security camera system. It manages all of the important functions. All the recorders we sell record at full HD 1080p over the primary technology of HD-TVI. Our recorders are also all compatible with PC, Mac, cellphones and tablets for viewing over the internet. They also are available in up to 4, up to 8 and up to 16 camera inputs. Please see our recorder buying guide below to find out everything you ever wanted to know about security camera recorders and more!

read more › This is our range of security cameras. Our range of cameras are all professional quality surveillance cameras that are designed to be used in home, business and commercial environments. Feel free to get in touch if you need assistance selecting the best camera for your application. The cameras are the eyes of your security camera system. Without cameras there is no footage. Security cameras are often the overlooked area of a security camera system and where people make the biggest mistakes. We stock a concise range of cameras so as not to confuse, however if uncertain, please get in touch and we will be able to recommend the best camera for your location.

read more › The most popular method for wiring security camera systems is to use CAT5e cable, video baluns and DC Plugs and Sockets as required. This is a simple step-by-step guide on how to send both video and power along a single length of CAT5e cable. Pick a wiring convention and stick to it. Within each length of CAT5e cable are 8 individual wires. These are arranged as pairs. Each pair has a different color. Each pair has one solid color and one striped white + color wire. The convention we recommend here is use the orange pair for video.

read more › It is often difficult planning your first security camera system. To help we have put together a small collection of sample security camera systems. These have been put together to cover real properties. Each camera location is marked on the images, along with the direction of view. The reason for the location is explained as well as which camera was selected for the position. When looking at these sample systems, please keep in mind that every home, business or commercial usage will be different.

read more › At first glance the installation of a security camera system is a daunting task. In reality when broken down into the key parts it's actually a pretty straight forward thing for anyone to accomplish. If you have a moderate DIY ability then you can install your security camera system. The exact tools required to install our security camera systems are in almost all tool kits! The basics to mount a camera are a drill and screwdriver (any hex keys required are included). This is the part that most people are concerned about.

read more › These aren't the only things to consider but are the most important when trying to capture images to identify your subject. You want to position your camera so that your subject is moving towards the camera as opposed to across the direction of view. As the subject gets closer to the camera they take up a larger portion of the image. This gives you much more detail over a longer period of time. If you position the camera too high you end up looking down on the tops of peoples' heads. Drop the height of the camera and you're more likely to get a better facial shot to identify people with.

read more › Whilst it might be odd to read this on the website of a company specializing in security cameras, those security cameras are not the only measure that should be considered in a well rounded security setup. The fitting of external lighting such as flood lights (either sensor driven or otherwise) massively help not only with security in general but with your security cameras as well. Cameras are not a replacement for physical security - they are to go along with that physical security. Whilst security cameras do play a preventative role, don't forget that the main aim is supporting you in the event of an incident, not stopping the incident happening in the first place.

read more › I give Orange Security 5 stars for best performance in their integrity dealt with Matt he went way above and beyond to setup my camera recorder - I can't say enough about Orange Security. Delivery took a long time Orange Security Comment: Sorry about that Jack. I have looked into the delivery and UPS attempted delivery multiple times before someone was at home for delivery. Sorry we didn't live up to your expectations with this. We would offer to refund the shipping costs.but it was free delivery!

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