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Edwards Security Services Security systems that rely on internet connection leave your family or business vulnerable to danger. Internet-based DIY security systems like Frontpoint, Simplisafe, and Sprout are easy to hack and disable-compromising the safety and security of your residential and/or commercial properties. Additionally, in the event of an internet outage, your security system will fail due to internet failure.

At Edward's Security Services, our systems rely on cellular monitoring which does not require internet so that they are nearly impossible to hack and will never malfunction. Security systems that rely on WiFi are easy to hack and unreliable in the event of an internet outage. Cellular monitoring, on the other hand, relies on cellular towers which never go down and are nearly impossible to hack.

Some companies are still offering outdated technology that is incompatible with modern homes, which rely on smart technology. Edwards Security Services can offer innovative technology and software for the modern homeowner.

read more › Edwards security was established in Indianapolis in 2008. Prior to founding the company, the team at Edwards has more than 25 years in the security industry. We offer a local monitoring station, unlike some of our competitors which allows for an extremely quick and personal response to any alarms. We pride ourselves on the customization of high-end security and camera systems. Our experience with Edwards Security Services has been a pleasant since the beginning to the end of the installation process!

read more › We will tie into your existing phone line. Monitoring 24/7/365. Monitoring for all doors, motion detectors, glass break detectors, and smoke and water detectors. This is the most basic package that we offer and costs $25.00 a month. The most secure way to monitor your system. No lines that can be cut, no extra charges for land lines, and no outages. A cellular device will connect via cell towers to provide 24/7/365 monitoring for all devices. This package is quickly becoming an industry standard due to the added security of being completely wireless and tamper proof.

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