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Protect what matters most with a professionally installed security system. Our systems allow you to manage your security and smart home devices right from your cellphone! Our Guard and Patrol officers provide services throughout Alaska and are ready to provide a visual presence at your home or business.

read more › Our company is one of the largest and most respected security agencies in Alaska. Guardian Security is also the only full-service security agency in the state. We develop security programs for major corporations and institutions as well as residential customers. Our services include uniform guards, patrol service, and electronic security which include security alarms, access control, and closed circuit camera options. We provide our employees with the best possible job security, benefits, and working conditions in the Alaska security industry.

read more › Please take a moment to fill out this short questionnaire so that we may direct you to the best person to answer your questions. Our representatives do their best to respond to requests as quickly as possible. If you are looking for assistance between the hours of 8pm and 8am, please contact our central station, (907) 274-5275.

read more › As the only full-service security company in the state of Alaska, our team of dedicated employees is here to meet your needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our Central Monitoring Station is located in Anchorage and has a team of 14+ members to address your site's needs. In order to become a member of the Guardian team, a potential employee must pass a local and national background check through the State of Alaska and must also qualify to carry a State of Alaska Guard License. Every new hire must pass an initial drug test and continue to do so through random drug screenings.

read more › Professional installation of a control panel, one touchpad, two door sensors, and one motion sensor. Interactive package also includes smart deadbolt, two glass break detectors, one smoke detector or firefighter, and two light modules. Professional installation of a control panel, one touchpad, two door sensors, one motion sensor, smart deadbolt, two glass break detectors, one smoke detector or firefighter, and two light modules. Closed circuit television monitoring has played a key role in the commercial setting for many years.

read more › With all of the equipment and feature options on the market for Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems, it's important to select the correct items that will provide the security and service level your business needs. Guardian Security is proud to offer expert design and installation of CCTV systems. With a vast number of equipment choices, features, and capabilities we can help your business develop a positive solution to meet your unique requirements. Your professionally installed CCTV system can help deter crime, inventory loss, and false claims, provide employee surveillance, monitor the entry into your facility, and much more.

read more › We are here around the clock providing the comfort and security you deserve and depend on. Our highly trained dispatchers answer the phone day or night and take pride in being Alaska's only 247 monitoring station located right in Anchorage. If it's freezing outside or there is a local crime in the area, we know and we are ready to respond to your alarms accordingly. Being local matters and being a part of our Alaska community is an important part of who we are as your security provider. We strive to align ourselves with the excellence you deserve and look for in a local company.

read more › When our alarm technicians arrive at your home or business to install your equipment they will have a design from your security consultant showing the basic layout for the system. At times a suggestion may be made to change the original installation plan to better meet your security needs. Please understand that while we like to complete the job as quickly as possible to limit the impact on your time, our company holds our technicians accountable for ensuring standards for a quality installation are met.

read more › With a Guardian Security Systems, Inc. installed system you have the ability to detect intrusion and emergency situations, determine which of your employees has accessed or armed the building, supervise and control access within your premise, and identify thieves through the use of the industry's latest camera technology. Our security consultants are here to evaluate your business needs and design a well rounded system to protect your employees, premises, and livelihood. Guardian Security is proud to offer a wide range of services that include the installation, maintenance and monitoring of security products designed with your needs in mind.

read more › Our security consultants will assess your home and recommend a system that is right for you. Ensure your family's safety and comfort by choosing a company that understands your individual needs. As an Alaskan owned and operated company we will be there when you need us, every time. Our Local Central Monitoring Station knows what is occurring in and around Alaska. If it's freezing outside we understand the urgency of temperature alarms. Don't settle for less. Beyond intrusion detectors consider the addition of fire protection for your residential system.

read more › A quick reality-check tells us that false alarms sometimes happen. In communities where neighbors are prompt to report an alarm, and police are prompt to respond, a few false alarms can add up to an obnoxious set of charges. Many Guardian Security customers have turned to Alarm Response, which brings a Patrol Officer to your property every time your system transmits a burglar or tamper alarm. Hopefully it's a false alarm, and the officer notes nothing out of the ordinary, but if necessary, the officer notifies our Central Station if further action is required.

read more › All responsible individuals must be trained in the operation of your system, have access to the premises, a passcode assigned and knowledge of this passcode, as well as be prepared to meet the proper authorities at your premises. You must assign a passcode to every responsible individual on the list that will be used to authenticate their identity over the phone. Please list all authorized individuals who have access and authorization to act on your behalf. Persons Authorized to make administrative changes to the account (change codes, add or delete individuals to this list).

read more › Vacation notices will only be accepted from individuals previously authorized on this account. You will be contacted by a Central Station Dispatcher to passcode verify you prior to any changes taking place. Please allow up to 72 hours for changes to be made on your account. Enter the name of each contact you would like to remove from your list of Emergency Contacts.

read more › Okay, so maybe it isn't that fun to test your security alarm. But be that as it may, it's wise to be sure it is in working order, and to do so regularly. Locate and turn off the breaker that feeds electricity to the outlet powering the alarm system transformer. Verify the touchpad is still functional, indicating the battery back-up is working. Open and close each door and window that is tied to the alarm system. Have someone assist by watching the touchpad. It should display when each zone is opened.

read more › Please reference your account name, site address and passcode with authorizing signature on mailed and fax requests. A signature is not required on emailed requests but your passcode is MANDATORY. When your form is received one of our dispatchers will contact you within 48 hours to verify your over the phone passcode before any changes are made. Our Central Station dispatchers are available by phone 24/7 and can submit your request to the service team for follow-up the next business day. After hours service is also available if needed; an after-hours service call-out fee and the hourly rate does apply if you require after hours onsite service.

read more › You've seen us out there, white cars and trucks with the Guardian shield proudly displayed and light bars across the top. These vehicles represent our guard and patrol service men and women who walk through various sites in Anchorage, Matanuska Valley, Kenai Peninsula, and Fairbanks to verify that buildings are secure. Mobile patrols conduct drive-by and exterior checks of businesses both large and small. Patrols are helpful in initial fire and water leak detection, vandalism prevention and aversion, and both interior and exterior security.

read more › The key to our successful guard operation is professionalism. All our officers are licensed and bonded; where necessary, they are armed. They possess the experience to deal with any situation that might arise and supported 24X7 by our central monitoring station. To maintain the integrity of our force, every officer in Guardian Security's employ must pass a pre-employment background check conducted by the Department of Public Safety. Security guards are assigned to permanent posts. Our guards may be seen on patrol in highly visible areas such as large shopping malls or office complexes.

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