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Access Security Solutions Access Security Solutions is a company specializing in the field of Fire Detection, Fire Suppression, and Home or Office Security Systems. The Company offers design, supply, install, commissioning and maintenance services adapted to specific customer requirements. ACCESS has individuals dedicated to sales, marketing and an experienced engineering team that ensures the quality of work done in our projects.

Access Security Solutions specializes in providing customized intrusion systems that can help protect against unauthorized entry. Our security experts are trained to evaluate and provide you with the most desirable security systems that fit your budget. We also provide free evaluations for your business and home. Our trained tree technicians can troubleshoot your existing intrusion systems and provide excellent services on most brands of alarm panels.

We also provide monitoring services at reasonable costs on burglar and fire alarms. We design, support and install both analog and IP camera systems.

read more › Access Security Solutions is a security service provider in Northern California and the greater Bay Area since 1999. As a company we believe in providing excellent service to all clients which is our strong foundation. We strive in bringing a secured environment to your business and home with the most reliable security system that meets your need. We provide solutions to any challenges you may face pertaining to security and we are dedicated to you.

read more › Imagine sleeping peacefully at your home, and you realize the next day a few valuable items and documents are missing from your place. Or if you're out of town for business or maybe a getaway and there is an unanticipated burglar invasion. You can never be prepared for burglar attacks; it is advisable to install a house alarm system. The world today demands smart and integrated security solutions that keep your home/business safe and help you diminish future risks. Access control burglar system is a proficient way of restricting access to unauthorized persons and improving building security.

read more › In case of emergency demands, every second is considered essential. You can guard your assets, employees, and customers with 24x7 alarm monitoring. Alarm monitoring is nothing but quick and in-depth communication between a home security system and a security provider's central station. A control panel registers an emergency event that sends out a signal to the central monitoring station, where authorities are informed and alerted to move towards your registered home location. A system control panel is the center of a network of sensors, including motion detectors, door or window sensors, tamper sensors, flood and smoke detectors, or even specialized temperature in some cases.

read more › An alarm monitoring station or most commonly known as a central monitoring station (CMS), is a company that provides services to monitor burglar invasion, fire occurrence in residential or business premises. The monitoring station serves as a support system for critical event management devices, such as security alarm panels, crash detection devices, gas and temperature gauges, and even built-in video systems. Access Security Solution's monitoring station uses unique mobile lines and telephone, computer, radio channels, software, and trained staff to monitor customers' security systems and call the appropriate authorities in the rise of emergent situations.

read more › A fire alarm is basically a unit made of quite a few devices that use audio and visual indicating to warn people about a probable fire, smoke, and even carbon monoxide occurrence in the vicinity of coverage. Fire alarms are generally found in various public buildings, offices, and factories. It is an integral part of a person's routine in terms of safety but is often overlooked until there is an actual emergency. A fire alarm system has several devices that work together to detect and warn people through a visual and audio piece of equipment when fire, smoke, or other emergencies are present.

read more › An access control system is an effective way of restricting access to unauthorized personalities to improve security in a building. We design and install systems for applications of any scope of the building. An access control system is an electronic system specifically designed to control access through a network, and individuals entering the vicinity should have access to that network. An access control system distinguishes the person entering and then authenticates and authorizes entry into the premise, giving absolute protection while ensuring security.

read more › As some may not quite believe, CCTV technology has been around since the 1940s, but later in the 1970s, it became a significant player in the security industry since its popularity. A CCTV camera is nothing but an analog video camera that sends out signals through coaxial cable to an isolated central location to record, monitor and conduct video analysis. The camera surveillance technology has been successfully run and tested; now, there are a variety of CCTV security camera models for almost any surveillance application.

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