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The Columbia Boat Alarm provides siren protection for a boat. Notification that the alarm siren has sounded is available via email, text or app. Simply connect a "Boat Command" to our alarm. The "Boat Command" also adds the ability to monitor the boat location, battery, bilge pump activity, high water and much more. Start the alarm with the key-fob remote.

The red LED begins flashing. Visible from outside the boat it tells you the alarm system is on. It also broadcasts that this boat has an alarm system. Together with clearly visible alarm warning labels, the intent is to discourage the intruder before he boards the boat. After starting alarm is inactive for one minute. This provides a warmup period necessary for sensors like the motion sensor.

Then the alarm is active. There are three alarm zones on our alarm. Each with it's own function. For instance, zone 1 is used for sensors like the canvas snap sensor. It will trigger the siren only one time. An intruder is not likely to snap the canvas closed when the siren is triggered.

read more › Three boat alarm packages. A wireless package to eliminate wiring between the alarm and the sensors. A complete marine grade wired package with sensors and wire. And a starting alarm package to which sensors and accessories are added to make a custom boat alarm. This is a wireless boat security system suitable for a wide variety of boats including pontoon, runabouts and cabin cruisers. It uses wireless transmitters from the sensors to the alarm. The Model 411 standard boat alarm package is complete with alarm sensors and wire.

read more › Sensors in this category include the motion sensor, the canvas snap sensor, the cable wrap sensor and the passive flashing LED with alarm warning labels. Use the motion sensor on a private dock covering the location for boarding the boat. The cable wrap sensor is used to electronically tether the boat to the dock. When the cable is cut or disconnected the alarm is triggered. Also use the cable wrap to protect an outboard motor or lower unit. Canvas snap sensors are used on boats with canvas covers.

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