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In today's ever changing world, the need for steadfast security increases by the minute. Here at 4PC Security Technologies, we are committed to providing leading edge solutions to suit your needs. 4PC Founder, Coby Hayes, and his team of experts have acquired a combined 50+ years of national and international experience in the security integration industry.

As a family-based company, we're committed to securing a relationship while providing leading-edge security integration solutions for the lifecycle of your needs. 4PC Security Technologies provides an unmatched team of experts in the security system integration industry. We specialize in the design, consultation, implementation, and systems management on all levels of integrated security infrastructures.

Our leading edge solutions are engineered to fit your every need. 4PC understands the paramount need for the safety of all facilities as well as the strict compliance for utility environments. From electrical generation stations to water or sewage facilities, 4PC can custom create a safety solution tailored to your needs.

read more › 4PC specializes in the design, engineering, consultation, implementation, and systems management of all levels of integrated security infrastructures. Our team has more than 50 years of experience in advanced security solutions. 4PC offers far beyond "security in a can" and specializes in custom security systems for any type of business. We use our unmatched experience for each and every project to solve client needs to not just meet, but exceed satisfaction. 4PC specializes in stand-alone or integrated security controls.

read more › Here at 4PC Security Technologies, we take pride in providing leading edge security integration solutions while investing in the growth and happiness of our team. Our company stems from family oriented values and beliefs, therefore setting us apart from others. 4PC Security Technologies invests in personal development and happiness throughout its enterprise - from our clients to our team.

read more › Unlike the "security in a can" approach that most Alarm Companies offer, a Security Systems Integration Company personalizes a diverse and enhanced security solution for your infrastructure. Security integrators provide a more efficient and effective solution with capabilities to cover vast areas with less manpower and the ability to protect your employees and data from potential threats. Far beyond the installation of alarms, cameras, and access control features, a Security Systems Integration Company can engineer a security solution to protect your infrastructures physical, personnel, and informative security.

read more › What is access control? Access control goes far beyond restricting or allowing individual access into certain areas. It protects your company's data, keeps your employees safe, provides you the ability to see where individuals perform specific tasks, and far more. As you seek to protect your business, building, and employees - implementing an advanced access control system tailored to your needs will provide peace of mind. There are various types of access control security 4PC can help implement to keep your business safe: biometric, mobile credential, frictionless, and smart card security.

read more › Intelligent video systems are the integration of video technology and analytic software that can be used for a variety of purposes. Without the need for human intervention, intelligent video can process, manipulate, and/or perform predetermined actions based on the analysis of the scene. Intelligent video systems can track and search objects, count instances of an event or object, identify locations, detect events, trigger alarms, report alerts, close exits, and more. Through the utilization of high resolution and network-based cameras and video recorders, 4PC delivers the highest quality systems to protect your assets.

read more › As security technologies continue to evolve, the use of Predictive Analytics will become a foundation in every integrated security system. With the use of an intelligent security system, your infrastructure can become more secure and efficient in its operations. When a life is a matter of time, Predictive Analytics are there to protect. Behavior Analysis is where camera systems or access systems use "DATA MINING" to discover habits of people to then automate actions, or create responses to "abnormal" behavior.

read more › In the event of a crisis, it is crucial to have detection and warning systems throughout your infrastructure. Using intelligent fire and smoke detection, air sampling detection, specialty detection, notification appliances, monitors, annunciators, one and two-way emergency voice communicators and various other metrics - 4PC can accommodate all of your business's NFPA required fire and life safety systems. ASSD (Air Sampling Smoke Detection) systems are considered "Pre-Warning" systems as compared to just traditional "Spot Type" Smoke Detection.

read more › When your infrastructure is being threatened by an attack, having an intrusion detection system in place can provide your employees and facility security when it matters most. Through the utilization of various forms of electronic sensors such as motion detectors, contacts, glass breaks, panic buttons, as well as peripheral devices, you can ensure your building is protected. Whether your requirements are for a SCIF facility with the UL2050 certification, or a facility requiring UL 681 certification - we can deliver all your intrusion security needs.

read more › With the reality of the modern world, it is crucial your infrastructure houses a gunshot detection system. Integrating a gunshot detection system into a security solution provides your facility indoor and outdoor monitoring with the ability to reduce law enforcement response time, increase incident awareness, and change its potential outcome. Enhance the security of your infrastructure in the event of an active shooter with the ability to automate locks and alarms. Give your business an added security blanket with a gunshot detection system.

read more › 4PC is able to provide the "impossible" in the business world, let alone the world of security: The highest level of service, combined with the most professional installations all at a reasonable cost of ownership to the end-user. With today's world growing increasingly threatening, security is no longer a luxury, but a constant necessity - and we're here to keep your employees safe. We offer custom business security solutions for a variety of industries including utility, government, manufacturing, healthcare, campus, corporation, commercial, and retail.

read more › 4PC understands the paramount need for safety in your facilities as well as the strict compliance environment in which your substations, transmission lines, or generation stations must operate under and the rigorous auditing processes for which you must be prepared. We provide custom security solutions for utilities of all industries including water, sewer systems, and more. Whether it's FERC, NERC, or CIP governing body standards, we have the experience necessary to ensure that your facility meets compliance requirements and that your team is adequately prepared to comply with strict safety regulations.

read more › 4PC provides the right technology for any situation and any client, including all government facilities. Threats surround our world every single day, and government facilities must be properly secured in order to prevent such events. Our job is to ensure security for all individuals in every facility to protect in the event of a shooting or threat of any sort. Contact us for more information on custom government infrastructure solutions. As a "Product-Independent" company, 4PC continuously evaluates the best technology for our clients.

read more › Manufacturing facilities can be a very hazardous environment to work in. Having an intelligent process overwatch system for your manufacturing facility is necessary so that you can keep track of your goods as they process through your facility. How can intelligent video benefit your business's production line? Through intelligent video analytics, your manufacturing plant can ensure increased productivity and a safer environment for your employees. Modern technology can allow cameras to be placed within machines to even troubleshoot malfunctions and monitor functions.

read more › Security in the medical world is absolutely critical. Hospitals constantly undergo stressful situations typically with emotions running high and lives at stake. Healthcare facilities must ensure that their site security is able to withstand critical events and protect people in any way possible, without disrupting the fast-paced environment. How does access control apply to your healthcare facility? The healthcare industry's need for access control is more prevalent than ever. Having control of the flow of people, as well as the ability to lock down or unlock your facility in the event of an emergency are just a few examples of the need for access control.

read more › Automated Situational Awareness can be the difference between life or death in the event of a campus emergency. Through predictive analytics and behavior analysis technologies, your camera and access systems have the capability to study a person's habits, as well as assess their emotions and alert you of any abnormal behavior. Video Analytics also can assist in monitoring "normal" and "abnormal" behaviors by analyzing data and being proactive in the event of an emergency. Safety is top priority in many places, especially when it deals with students' safety.

read more › Our priority is your world-class corporate security solutions. This means your assets and, especially your employees, are secured in a safe work environment. Threats surround businesses of all types and continue to grow in our world - and 4PC is here to help deter threats. We offer many custom solutions that can improve your security, ensuring employee safety is never a concern. As a "Product-Independent" company, 4PC continuously evaluates the best technology for our clients. We're here to find the right solution for your infrastructure - and our options are not limited to exceed your needs.

read more › Retail businesses need security just as any other business does. Shrink in retail is an everyday occurrence - and trying to reduce how much shrink a business has is difficult. With a proper retail security management system in place, your business can greatly reduce the ability that a person (internal or external) has of stealing from your facility. As a "Product-Independent" company, 4PC continuously evaluates the best technology for our clients. We're here to find the right solution for your infrastructure - and our options are not limited to exceed your needs.

read more › Typically, a company's most valuable asset is its employee base, with visitor safety being another major area of concern. 4PC can install custom commercial security infrastructures, taking every precaution to provide safety and security for everyone. As a "Product-Independent" company, 4PC continuously evaluates the best technology for our clients. We're here to find the right solution for your infrastructure - and our options are not limited to exceed your needs. With today's world growing increasingly threatening security is no longer a luxury; we assist in keeping your employees safe.

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