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Monahan Associates UL Listed 864 9th Edition, will support up to 1024 addressable devices and repeaters while providing true network operation and communication. UL Listed 864 Accessory Device, has a backlit LCD which will display alarm and supervisory messages and trouble indication from compatible CWSI panels. An addressable bi-directional repeater which is used to form a wireless network which receives, screens, verifies, and retransmits low power radio signals from other CWSI devices.

Self contained addressable dual action lexan fire pull station with a built in transmitter. Wireless addressable photoelectric smoke detectors, which incorporate a unique protocol not produced by other manufacturers. State-of-the-art wireless addressable Carbon Monoxide Detector which provides an internal 85dB temporal horn.

read more › The Monahan Group offers the full CWSI wireless fire alarm product line because of it's unrivaled system versatility. Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Technology (FHSS), coupled with Bi-directional RF Communication, Repeater Network Architecture and 200 Second Supervisory Polling, provides for the industry's most secure and reliable wireless fire alarm network. The superiority of the CWSI system is unmatched. To date CWSI is the only fire alarm manufacturer that dedicates its efforts to strictly wireless fire alarm technology.

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