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Eagle Tech At Eagle Tech Corp., we provide home automation technology to simplify your security needs. Monitor and control your home or business security anytime, anywhere. At Eagle Tech Corp., we understand that the world of security in Green Bay, WI is always changing. That's why we seek to provide trust and clarity to those living in Northeastern Wisconsin & U.P. of Michigan.

We offer professional installations while partnering with the best in the technology industry, all to keep you and your business safe and secure. Rest easy knowing you'll be alerted to any unauthorized entry into your Green Bay, WI home or business. Our security cameras provide top-notch video surveillance for monitoring your residential or commercial properties.

Limit entry to your property with access control. Access control enables your security to be centrally controlled and restricts entry to off-limit areas. We've been very pleased with the surveillance system and hardware provided by Eagle Tech Corp. The image quality from our new surveillance system exceeds our expectations.

read more › At Eagle Tech Corp., we aim to protect the citizens of Northeastern Wisconsin & U.P. of Michigan. We seek to provide trust and clarity in the new and changing world of security by delivering professional installations while partnering with the best in the technology industry. We know how important it is for you to keep an eye on your assets, which is why we continually provide state-of-the-art video surveillance systems. Eagle Tech Corp. was founded by Richard Robokoff in 2015, when Robokoff gave up his career as a corporate executive of a Fortune 500 company to pursue his desire of keeping residents of the Northeastern Wisconsin & U.P. of Michigan community safe.

read more › Whether you are designing a new video surveillance solution in Green Bay, WI, or enhancing your existing platform, we are here to help. Our trained technicians are experienced in providing comprehensive services for virtually any application - from site survey & needs assessment, to post-installation maintenance and support. Starting with a needs assessment to gain a thorough understanding of your home, business, operations and facilities, we work with you to design a unique security system to fit your requirements.

read more › Eagle Tech Corp. offers reliable, performance-driven security solutions in Green Bay, WI that are designed to meet your unique location and security application needs. Security is our passion, and we understand how important of an investment security is for you. That's why we take pride in offering trusted, feature-rich business surveillance solutions and home security camera solutions that enable you to monitor activity around the clock-and provide true peace of mind! Helping you keep your business, your home, and your loved ones safe in Green Bay, WI is something Eagle Tech Corp. takes to heart.

read more › Of the many security solutions that Eagle Tech Corp. offers to home and business owners in the Green Bay, WI area, burglar alarm systems are one of the most popular. Our clients find that having a monitored alarm system in place gives them peace of mind, knowing that their business, home, and family are protected around the clock from unforeseen events like break-ins, theft and vandalism. Modern burglar alarm systems can go far beyond simply sounding an alarm and notifying law enforcement authorities if an intrusion occurs.

read more › Home automation, also called domotics, can transform your residence into a state-of-the-art smart home - and also help keep your family safe. Eagle Tech Corp. provides home automation system design and installation to residents throughout the Green Bay, WI area, providing our clients with innovative ways to save time and money, simplify their lives, and protect their home and loved ones. Security - Automated lighting, motion sensors and integration with video surveillance make homes safer. Savings - Smart thermostats, smart lightbulbs and water usage monitoring save energy and cut utility costs.

read more › At Eagle Tech Corp., we work with large and small businesses throughout the Green Bay, WI area to upgrade their data infrastructure and structured cabling systems, enabling them to stay competitive in today's business environment. The process of revamping data transmission systems can seem overwhelming, causing many IT managers to delay important upgrades. Don't let this happen to your business! Our trained and certified experts can guide you through every step of the process, from design to installation to end-user training and ongoing service.

read more › A fire event can have devastating consequences for homeowners and business owners alike - including property damage, destruction of one's home, loss of business revenue, personal injury and even loss of life. Preventing or lessening the severity of such events is what a professionally installed fire alarm system is designed to do. Properly functioning fire alarm systems are mandated by local, national and international building codes, and they also provide significant peace of mind to homeowners and business owners throughout the Green Bay, WI area.

read more › Whether you manage a single office building, a campus consisting of several buildings, or a network including multiple locations in Green Bay, WI requiring centralized management, you need your security systems to provide value well beyond the basic benefits of security, loss prevention, and risk management. Eagle Tech Corp. home security systems and commercial video surveillance systems are designed to address the surveillance and operational needs for homes and businesses of any size, and empower you to grow as you go.

read more › Peace of mind. These are important things that every homeowner deserves to have. When you think about how best to protect your home, family, and property, consider a professionally installed video security camera system with 24/7 monitoring. Today's multi megapixel video security camera systems provide crystal clear video day or night, along with a wide range of convenient features that enable you to monitor and manage your cameras and video footage, whether you are at home or halfway around the world.

read more › No matter the size of your Green Bay, WI retail store or the amount of customer traffic you get on a daily basis, it's vital to protect your business operations and ensure safety for your customers, employees and vendors. While there are many aspects of store security to consider, the cornerstone of any retail security plan is a professionally installed video security system. You have many options for video surveillance in Green Bay, WI, so it's important to do your research and partner with a qualified security provider.

read more › From small office buildings, to corporate campuses with multiple buildings, to multiple regional locations operating under a single company umbrella, Green Bay, WI businesses with facilities of all sizes have one key thing in common - the need for security. And the first line of defense in securing any business is a professionally installed video security system. Today's commercial video security systems are designed not only to meet your surveillance needs, but to be scalable as your business grows.

read more › Investing in a video security system is an important consideration for all Green Bay, WI businesses - but for banks and financial institutions, the need for video security protection is especially critical. Green Bay, WI financial institutions rely on video surveillance for numerous purposes including theft and robbery deterrence, protection of employees and customers, obtaining court admissible evidence, liability lawsuit protection, and more. While many financial institutions have relied upon video security systems for years, today's advances in video security technology enable banks and similar organizations to benefit from crisp multi megapixel video, easy centralized management, secure data storage, remote monitoring and more, for comprehensive 24/7 protection.

read more › Since public safety is at the heart of any transit provider's responsibilities, nothing is more important for a transportation company's bottom line than the security of its passengers and operators. Transportation providers in Green Bay, WI face ever increasing threats to security, as criminals continue to find new ways to exploit any security vulnerabilities. Yet finding a security solution that is customized to the unique needs of the transportation industry can be a challenge. At Eagle Tech Corp. we design and install professional transportation security solutions that combine multi megapixel video surveillance with powerful video analytics and easy-to-use central management software.

read more › The healthcare industry in Green Bay, WI faces a variety of unique challenges and threats. From protecting patients, staff and visitors, to safeguarding patients' personal information, to securing high-value medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, security is an extremely high priority. At Eagle Tech Corp., we understand the issues faced by Green Bay, WI healthcare providers, and offer customized security solutions designed to address their specific challenges. Healthcare providers face unique security risks.

read more › Government agencies and facilities face a unique set of security challenges, and an ever-changing risk profile. Eagle Tech Corp. also understands that government budgets have constraints, and that Green Bay, WI area government agencies are accountable to taxpayers. We'll work with your team to design a customized video security solution for your agency or facility that maximizes your resources while adhering to your allocated budget. Learn how we can help protect your government agency or facility against external and internal theft, break-ins and other security concerns.

read more › Educational institutions have unique security requirements that demand professionally designed security systems. Eagle Tech Corp. is a leader in providing innovative security solutions to educational institutions of every size and type in Green Bay, WI and the surrounding area. School safety is of critical importance, as educational facilities can be a prime target of violent crime. At Eagle Tech Corp., we understand the importance of protecting students and staff wherever they are on campus - in the classroom, in the hallways, on the practice fields, or going to and from school.

read more › At Eagle Tech Corp., we offer professional intercom system design and installation for homeowners and commercial customers throughout the Green Bay, WI area. A professionally installed intercom system can significantly enhance convenience and security at your home or business. At Eagle Tech Corp., we offer everything from wired and doorbell intercom systems to music and voice intercoms. Our intercom system installation experts can help you determine the best intercom features to meet your home or business security needs.

read more › When purchasing and installing new technology, like a video security system or home automation system, Green Bay, WI business owners and homeowners don't give sufficient thought to the structured cabling infrastructure necessary to support these systems. But the truth is, the health of your IT infrastructure is critical to the ongoing prospects of your business or your lifestyle. Professionally installed, certified network cabling can have a significant positive impact on your system's overall performance, ensuring reliability and ease of use for years to come.

read more › Like any system with electronic components and ever-changing technology, a video security system must be periodically maintained to ensure that it continues to function at peak efficiency. To keep your Green Bay, WI home or business protected 24/7, periodic service and maintenance should be a part of your overall security plan. While the video security systems that Eagle Tech Corp. provides generally require minimal maintenance, we've encountered many homeowners and commercial business owners over the years who don't realize just how important it is to properly maintain and service their system, and that a "set it and forget it" approach is not the wisest choice - or the most cost effective.

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