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Digi Security Systems We are the proud integrator for The Gathering Place, Oklahoma City Public Schools, Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department, Hobby Lobby, Tinker Air Force Base, the BOK Event Center, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, and so many others. People are our top priority. So, it's a partnership. From demo to installation to servicing your security technology, we become an extension of your organization.

No matter your size or industry, we have the expertise to create security solutions that address your unique needs. We provide commercial security systems for organizations of all sizes and types - from small schools to universities, government institutions to manufacturing plants, hospitals to large banks. We know industries' different needs. We form partnerships with organizations around the country that allow us to provide them a fully customized suite of low-voltage security systems.

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read more › Starting around 2017, Digi experienced explosive growth, and we started the transition from being a "mom-and-pop shop" to a full-blown American corporation. We established our guiding Core Values, our Mission and Vision, and the goals that give us a sense of a direction and purpose. In Homebase, you'll learn about who we are as a company, where we're headed, and the policies that keep us looking and doing our best. Thanks for joining us, for believing in us, and for everything you'll achieve while you're here.

read more › With decades of experience under our collective belt, we know the unique security and digital management needs of individual industries and organizations. Ensure the right people have access to areas in your facility, and lock out those who aren't authorized with the latest technologies. Let our system analytics watch for suspicious activity and alert you when a protocol is breached. Give your customers and stakeholders the ultimate protection. Protect what matters most with systems that detect intruders, prevent non-member access, and help you detect suspicious activity.

read more › We make plans to prepare, but we know that change is always in the wind. We take changes in stride, adapting and figuring out the best way to accomplish the goal, no matter the variables. This is the Digi Difference. A "no" does not thwart us. We are activated by challenges because they are opportunities for us to demonstrate our excellence and our fortitude. We see every moment as a chance to be better. The people we work alongside - both near and far - are part of our Digi Family. We celebrate one another, lift one another up, support one another, and we genuinely care for one another.

read more › A couple times a year, we come together as a company to dedicate a day to serving our community. Each quarter, our employees vote on a Person of the Quarter who exemplifies our core values and principles. This is someone that we recognize in a special way. At the end of the year, we recognize the Digi employee who demonstrates excellence in everything he or she does every day. And we celebrate lots of other victories, both person and company-wide in an end-of-year celebration! Each Monday, we kickoff the week with a company-wide meeting where we highlight the great things our people are doing, offer some tips, and make sure everyone gets important information and updates.

read more › Alpha Lock is now a company of Digi Security Systems. We're proud to offer you exceptional service from a company with nearly 50 years of experience in the industry. Our Master Locksmiths work day and night to keep your commercial business or residence secured with the best, top-of-the-line products and services.

read more › We believe serving schools is the most important thing we do. With so much experience in the field, we are the state's experts in determining what facilities need to ensure a safe, productive learning environment. Know exactly who is in your buildings with the best access control systems on the market, including audio/video entry. We also provide security consoles so you can take safety to the next level in all your school's facilities. With our video surveillance; fire, intrusion and burglar alarm systems; construction cameras; and analytics capabilities, the right people in your buildings will always have the right data to ensure safety is a top priority in your school.

read more › While you tend to your patients' most important health care needs, we work to keep you, your patients, . With patients and their families and millions of dollars worth of equipment, hospitals need security systems that protect what matters most. Get image detail that gives you all the data you need to ensure safety is your hospital's top priority. Digi can implement systems like:. Enhance care and safety with systems that communicate specific information about vulnerable patients to caregivers.

read more › With a Digi security system, your production floor managers will have an effective tool for monitoring multiple areas simultaneously. From camera placement to custom software integration, we design each system around your company's specific requirements and objectives - meaning you get the most out of your system. With strategic security solutions, you can have eyes in every corner of your facility - without paying for more personnel. Increase your bottom line by increasing productivity and employee safety with our custom designs.

read more › We know the requirements needed to keep a bank operationally safe and secure are robust. So we offer banks and financial institutions a variety of options to ensure they get everything they need. Keep employees safe with video surveillance and access control at entry and exit points throughout your facility. Monitor activity and protect clients from theft and other threats at teller lanes, drive lanes, and night deposits.

read more › At Digi, we're experts in security solutions for large enterprises. Whether you're protecting precious lives, managing productivity, or keeping assets secure, we've got your security needs covered. Elevate the physical safety of your workplace, and strengthen the security of your assets. Digi offers a wide range of systems that ensure the unique needs of your company can be fully met. From cloud-based systems to deep learning to access control, our systems meet any budget and serve any environment.

read more › Enter, the 21st century. Technology is on your team, allowing you to save time and money with digital access control. Let us show you how. You don't have to be an expert at security. A partnership with Digi means we are always there to be your resident expert - an extension of your organization. We'll work with you to design a system that gives you exactly what you need, we'll train you to use all the functions of your system, and we'll be there any time you need assistance or support. As one of the first Avigilon dealers in the world, Digi is an Avigilon Platinum level partner.

read more › As an authorized dealer of Jive Communications, we offer the best in VoIP solutions. Jive is a hosted phone system solution that utilizes the cloud to offer a multitude of options for traditional PBX and more. With cloud-based service and an administrator portal, you can set up call flows and make changes exactly how and when you want to. We know that organizations rely heavily on their VoIP systems to ensure the function of operations and safety. That's why we work as quickly and efficiently as possible to transition your VoIP system to the Jive cloud - without service interruption.

read more › Join our fast-growing Team and help us build the best security systems company in the country. Our dedication to excellence means our people are dedicated to learning new skills and improving old ones. We have the humility to know when we need to ask for help. The work we do is demanding, so our people have the discipline to get the work done on time, on budget, and to the highest quality. We work hard - and we enjoy doing it. At Digi, we hold ourselves accountable for our responsibilities, and we go above and beyond for each of our partners.

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