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Engineered Protection Systems An alarm system not only protects your inventory and assets, but it makes your customers and employees feel safe. Keep a watchful eye on your facility and the people in it at all times with a video surveillance system. Grant the right people access to the right places at the right times with an access control system. Protect your facility with a system that is scalable, efficient and can help you comply with a variety of fire codes.

Rest easy knowing that our comprehensive systems and professional monitoring team are keeping your home safe and secure. Control your home security system, lights, locks and thermostat remotely from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Protect your home and loved ones from fire, smoke and carbon monoxide with life safety monitoring. We've come a long way since our early days as a modest, local operation with a handful of employees.

Today, we are ranked as one of the top 30 largest security providers in the nation with over 200 employees, 4 offices across Michigan, and thousands of satisfied customers.

read more › Engineered Protection Systems, Inc. was founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1955. What began as a modest, local operation with a handful of employees has blossomed into a statewide company with more than 200 employees, three additional Michigan branch offices, and nearly 30,000 satisfied customers. Over the past decade, EPS Security has more than doubled in size. We currently rank as one of the top 30 security providers in the nation. However, we're not a giant national company out of touch with our customers, nor do we aspire to be one.

read more › We are ranked in the 30 largest security providers in the country (and are growing every day). Why is that? Because not only are we committed to providing our customers with the best, but our employees as well. So, if you are looking for an exciting new career with opportunities for growth and learning, look no further than EPS! We understand that there's more to a job than simply going to work everyday and collecting a paycheck. That's why we offer our employees and their families a variety of benefits and perks.

read more › Eleven reasons is an odd number to choose, isn't it? We've watched as more than 100 security companies have come and gone in West Michigan during the past 60 years. As a result, EPS is one of just two security providers with more than 30 years of service in the area. Rest assured that when you select EPS, we'll be around when you need us. Whether it's a single, centrally-monitored security system or a multi-site IP-based video surveillance system, we have the technical know-how to design your dream security solution.

read more › There are many certifications in the life safety and security industry. Many of these accomplishments show the dedication and expertise EPS technicians, engineers, and operators strive to attain toward delivering the best solution for our customers. Furthermore, we want our customers to understand what these organizations require and provide as standards in our industry. Below is a list of the various certifications EPS technicians and operators have obtained along with the industry guidelines and standards we assure a strict adherence for our customers.

read more › If you have more detailed questions please contact our customer service staff or submit a web quote request to hear from one of our professional security consultants. At the very least, EPS wants to protect the doors leading into the home. Most break-ins occur through a forced door. We then address additional protection with the homeowner such as windows and motions sensors. Monitored smoke alarm detection is extremely important as is furnace failure detection, water-level detection, and carbon monoxide detection.

read more › Be as detailed as possible to avoid the wrong card type being shipped and to avoid incorrect billing of the invoice. The below form is only for our Access Control/Card Access customers. If you are looking to add an individual to your alarm call list and/or create additional pass codes, please contact our Records Department ( with that request.

read more › We appreciate your business, and we hope that we are doing a great job for you. If you believe some of your friends or family might benefit from the same EPS service you currently enjoy, we encourage you to fill out the fields below. We'll contact them just once, to see if they have interest in talking to EPS about a security system. If they end up a customer, we'll credit your account $100.00* (for each agreement signed). Over the years, our family owned company has grown because our customers constantly refer people to us.

read more › Every home is different, which is why we offer a variety of home security solutions. Choose from one of our most popular plans or create one that is perfect for YOUR home and YOUR security needs. 24/7 Monitoring provided by our locally owned and operated UL certified, FM approved & Five Diamond awarded Monitoring Center. Can be integrated with Skybell, Keypad Door Locks, Thermostats and other Smart Home products. We have partnerships with some of the most respected security product manufacturers in the business, like Honeywell.

read more › The ProSeries home control and automation system acts as the hub for your smart home, uniting your connected door locks, lights, video doorbells, and more into a single, uncomplicated platform. Control with Alexa when you're home, with the Total Connect App when you're not. EPS Security offers a selection of the most essential security solutions available today: cutting edge technology, reliable services, and peace of mind! Take control of your home. Improve energy efficiency, remotely control doors, arm/disarm your system, and close that garage door-just a few of the possibilities available with EPS home automation.

read more › The long wait times and limited hours of DIY solutions are not what you want in an emergency. When you call EPS, you are connected immediately to our friendly Grand Rapids-based Customer Care team. If components of a DIY system break, they have to be mailed back to the provider to be repaired, leaving your home unsecured in the meantime. Our technicians have replacement parts at the ready to address the problem while they're onsite. The home security industry has certain standards that security solutions must meet for them to be monitored by a professional monitoring centers.

read more › You're never more relaxed and comfortable than in your own home. But if you read the local news, you know that anything can happen - and sometimes does. Trespassing, burglaries, and home invasions happen more often than we'd like and more often than you'd think. But with home security services from EPS, you'll rest easier knowing that your home, its contents, and the people inside are being watched over 24/7/365 by our award-winning monitoring center located right in Grand Rapids. We are one of only a few monitoring centers in the nation that is Underwriter's Laboratories listed, FM-approved and Five-Diamond Certified by the national Monitoring Association.

read more › Better still, you can do so from your smartphone from anywhere in the world. If you're at the airport and ready to start a 10-day vacation, but you're not sure whether you closed the garage door, with EPS Home Automation, you can close the garage door, program your lights, and turn down the thermostat-from the convenience of your smartphone. Take control of your home. Improve energy efficiency, remotely control doors, arm/disarm your system and close that garage door. Just a few possibilities with EPS home automation.

read more › You're proud of your home, with good reason. But as every homeowner knows, anything can happen - and sometimes does. Bursting pipes, malfunctioning furnaces, and fires occur more often than we'd like and more often than you think. But with Life Safety Services from EPS you'll rest easier, knowing that your home, its contents, and the people inside, are well-protected. Fires are among the greatest potential dangers that can occur within your home. The moment that our systems detect a possible fire, smoke or carbon monoxide, we alert your municipal fire department, to reduce the risk of fatality, injury, or property loss.

read more › Life's already stressful. Your security system doesn't have to be. The ProSeries home control and automation system acts as the hub for your smart home, uniting your connected door locks, lights, video doorbells, and more into a single, uncomplicated platform. What's more, ProSeries takes convenience to the next level with built-in Amazon Alexa voice interfacing and Bluetooth hands-free disarming. The ProSeries looks great, but pleasing aesthetics and convenient features don't secure a home. That's why the ProSeries uses next-generation technology to set a new bar for home security and life safety capabilities.

read more › Crisp two-way audio lets you speak with visitors from your Android device, iPhone or iPad. SkyBell Video Doorbell alerts you when visitors are at your door, even if they don't press the button. SkyBell is "Always On" so homeowners can start a live video stream at any time for remote monitoring. Turn off indoor chime and receive notifications on your mobile device - perfect for when someone is sleeping. With EPS Security's Total Connect app you can see, hear, and speak to visitors from your Android device, iPhone or iPad.

read more › Control security systems, access different locations (multiple homes or businesses), manage automation devices and receive real-time alerts on your PC, tablet or smartphone. Total Connect works with Android and Apple devices. Control your lights, security and thermostat to enhance your lifestyle and save money on your energy bills. Forget to arm your system? Need to disarm it for someone?. Or are you wondering when your employees are coming and going? You can control and check the status your entire EPS security system from across town, across the country or from the comfort of your bed.

read more › When you choose EPS, you will work with some of the most highly-trained experts in the industry. Our team members have extensive knowledge regarding the latest security technology, as well as local and state codes. On top of all that, we're based right here in Michigan, so we understand what's most important to area businesses. A comprehensive alarm system, customized with a variety of features to fit your unique needs, can provide peace of mind that your facility is protected from after-hours break-ins, theft, and vandalism.

read more › We believe, more than anything, that security and life safety is a strategic partnership. The security needs of our clients are always changing and require a provider ready and able to address those issues. To meet this requirement, we offer ongoing partnerships that allow us to continually address any new challenges or goals our clients have. See what an EPS strategic partnership could look like for your business below. After we install a custom system that is tailored to your specific needs, we can monitor it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure a quick response time in the event of an emergency.

read more › When it comes to protecting your business, you need a reliable alarm system you can count on. Trespassing, burglaries, and vandalism happen more often than you'd think. A comprehensive burglary and intrusion alarm system not only protects your inventory and assets, but it makes your customers and employees feel safe. You worry about your business enough-you shouldn't have to worry about security as well. Let us take care of that for you! We are committed to providing your business with a comprehensive system, that can be customized with a variety of features to fit YOUR facility, YOUR business, and YOUR needs.

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