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A Plus Security System From Smart locks to Security Systems we can do it all. We can also integrate smart locks, security system, security cameras, thermostats, lights, audio systems and much more. With both exterior and interior security cameras, keep an eye on your property from anywhere in the world. Call A Plus Security Systems, LLC to get a state-of-the-art security camera system.

We have continuously received positive reviews from our clients, applauding our contractors and staff for providing them seamless and audio systems installation. Today's home theater systems can provide you with a theater-level experience right in your living room. A Plus Security Systems, LLC will help you equip your home. Did you know that there are 7.2 million reported cases of property crime in the US in 2018?

Of all the property crimes, 44.6% are burglaries in the southern region, the highest percentage in all of the US. In the same year, there were 152,661 total number of property crimes reported in Louisiana (LA). The growing crime rates are a reflection of an unfortunate reality we have to face.

read more › A Plus Security Systems LLC has been in the business of security camera installation, alarm systems installation, network installation and audio systems installation in the past 19 years. Since our establishment in 2001, we have since installed various alarm systems, security cameras, audio systems to homes and commercial establishments in and around Acadian, Lafayette, Broussard, Youngsville, Scott LA. Cody Boulet the owner of the company had begun in the industry in 1998 working for a local company.

read more › Imagine having the ability to monitor your property and personal possessions while you're not at home. A Plus Security Systems in Lafayette, LA, has security cameras that allow live viewing and playback ability whether you are at your house or on the road. Remote monitoring is just one of the many benefits of industry leading security cameras professionally installed by A Plus Security Systems. Burglary, theft, illegal intrusion, and a host of other invasive threats to your property can be prevented or completely deterred by a commitment to security.

read more › Enjoy the best quality in home theater systems. Today's home audio and video equipment can rival the sound and clarity of professional home theater systems without having to break the bank. With flat, wireless, and digital technology, the average homeowner can enjoy movie theater greatness without having to pay a week's salary to enjoy an evening out with the family. Let our technicians at A Plus Security Systems in Lafayette, LA, install professional grade receivers in your homes and commercial establishments today.

read more › Is a central vacuum system right for you? We know that vacuuming can be a pain, plus it's very noisy, inconvenient, and can be costly when you find yourself having to buy a new one every few years. Portable vacuums are usually heavy, stinky, and full of bacteria, pet dander, and human skin follicles. And all too often, they leave you wondering how clean your carpet really is. Installing a central vacuum is the answer. So why haven't more people installed them? Many just aren't aware that central vacuums are even an option, and there are many misconceptions about how they work.

read more › A Plus Security Systems LLC - providing the people of Acadian, Lafayette, Broussard, Carencro, Youngsville, Scott, and other parts of LA the best home security systems, home entertainment system and built in vacuum provider in the past two decades. Within the first year of almost two decades in service A Plus Security Systems LLC have served clients with the best home security systems in and around Acadian, Lafayette, Broussard, Carencro, Youngsville, Scott, and other nearby areas in LA. It has been at the pinnacle; marked as one of the preferred home security systems provider, built in vacuum installation contractor and home entertainment system provider in Louisiana (LA).

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