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One phone call, have your CCTV, internet cat 5, 5e, 6e or fiber installations completed. We secure your facility with integrated access control, burglar and fire alarm systems, while integrating a digital video recorder onto the wireless network. We provide hi speed GSM, IP and basic central station monitoring for your burglar or UL fire alarm system.

With unlimited camera views, HiTech video surveillance solutions allow for maximum flexibility, range, customization, and remote access, offering help in protecting your home or business - even when you're not on the premises. The physical security of your business premises is paramount. To protect your capital investment and the people who work at or visit your company, HiTech Security alarm systems are designed to help detect intrusion at all levels.

Custom Communications offer complete solutions for your paging and intercom needs. Our engineered systems division can recommend, design, integrate, and install your system. We work with educational, healthcare, industrial, manufacturing, and government markets.

read more › HiTech Security, Inc., was founded over 20 years ago in Lynbrook, NY, on the South Shore of Long Island. We strive to provide top-notch security to individuals and businesses alike within our region as well as surrounding areas and others close by. As a thriving security company, we are planning to establish locations across the United States from coast-to-coast. HiTech Security Inc. is proud to offer Maintenance and Test & Inspection agreements for a wide array of fire alarm systems. Preventive testing and maintenance of systems not only provide compliance with NFPA 72 (National Fire Alarm Code), state and local codes but they also help keep the system within factory specified parameters.

read more › Protection and life safety systems play a crucial role in every business, including your firm. When you adopt a state-of-the-art security solution provider like HiTech Security, Inc., you send out a positive sign illustrating that the safety of your employees and clients are of utmost significance in your business agenda. Therefore, why should you shrink from your responsibility of adopting all possible safety measures to guarantee a secure milieu? When you look at the subject of security from a business perspective, you are well aware that engaging the services of a sophisticated security solutions provider like HiTech Security, Inc., ensures that you are protected from all kinds of theft from internal as well as external sources.

read more › HiTech NVR DVR Camera Systems let you control exactly what live or archived video you see and when. NVR (Network Video Recorder) Camera Servers record and broadcast high quality Megapixel IP Camera video and audio data over standard computer TCP/IP networks. For large installations, the NVR should be on a dedicated network to reduce traffic to the user network. The difference with DVR video recording over standard tape is that the pictures are archived on an advanced media platform for you to access at any time.

read more › An Electronic Security System consists of a control panel connected to various wired or wireless sensors that are designed to detect the presence of an intruder. The upon detection of an intruder, the control panel, using it's digital dialer, internet connection or GSM radio, sends a signal to the central station. The Central station then calls the premises to verify the alarm. You can specify whether you wish the police to be contacted first, or last (after calling the call notification list.)

read more › Our engineered systems division can recommend, design, integrate, and install your system. We work with educational, healthcare, industrial, manufacturing, and government markets. To successfully execute your emergency plan you need the proper warning system. Disasters do happen and they are on the rise. Companies and their employees are at risk and it's a company's responsibility to staff, students, visitors, or customers to have a fail proof plan in place.

read more › There are few people that have not driven through parking gates before. They can be found at parking garages, of course, sports stadiums, and colleges. That is quite an extensive list of places that use these gates and there are as many different forms and types of parking systems using gates as there are places that sell them, almost. A project manager or location supervisor might know what to look for and what is needed, but finding a company that offers it, the custom services that might be needed and the price that makes sense rapidly becomes a major challenge.

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