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03 Security Systems We believe that it's not just your property that makes your home; it's also your community. More added surveillance means safer neighborhoods. Enjoy life's moments to the fullest, and feel good, because you're doing your part to protect your extended home, your neighbors, and their loved ones. Easily secure and automate your home or business with security and automation solutions that fit your lifestyle.

Protect your home, business, and loved ones 24-hours a day with an affordable and custom-designed alarm system. Reduce costly energy bills and remotely control features such as; thermostats, doors, locks, lighting, and more - all with or without Wi-Fi. I am so impressed with my new system! Jimmy is professional, easy-going, friendly, approachable, and gives great insight on camera systems and placements.

I would definitely recommend him if you're looking for someone to install your surveillance system! Do you live in Benton, Louisiana, or a surrounding area? We are the only security company in the state of Louisiana that provides higher-end customized security solutions.

read more › Two years later, he would find himself leading his own squad in the dry, barren terrain of the Helmand Province in Afghanistan. I could not have been any higher on life. I was responsible for the safety of my marines as well as those we were there to protect and it made me feel like superman. After countless tours in the military, we learned that the concept of winning could be applied to every breathing moment of our lives. And once we approached life with this mindset, our entire lives became better because of it.

read more › Gain full protection around the clock and enjoy a heightened sense of home security with smarter alarm system technology. Our team of friendly security specialists will work with you to design the perfect system for your needs and budget. From basic home protection to high-end installations, we've got you covered. Never let your guard down again with an alarm system that can help to prevent potential dangers in real-time before it's too late. Smart Technology - learns to recognize your family's typical behavior patterns.

read more › Take charge of your home turf with better video surveillance solutions custom-designed for your property. Remotely view your property on any device from the tips of your fingers and customize your video system to alert you about important events going on around your home. Take advantage of the benefits of smart AI technology and protect your loved ones, home, and assets better. Dramatically Improve Surveillance Monitoring - of your home in real-time rather than after an event has already taken place.

read more › It's time to put your home to work for you and enjoy the limitless possibilities of a well-connected home. Safeguard your wallet from unnecessary expenses with energy and temperature smart controls. Temperature & Energy Monitoring - Cut costs on heat, AC, and energy when no one is around. Control the temperature of your home and lighting remotely from your phone. Smart Away Mode - Set smart controls that automatically manage thermostats and energy use when your security system is armed. Effortless Control - Add more features, and do more, without having to compromise ease of use.

read more › Take advantage of the endless possibilities that security and automation can provide for your company. Keep track of your business 24/7 with a reliable alarm and surveillance system. AI-powered intrusion detection technology will greatly enhance the safety of your business while reducing false alarms. Cloud Based - Reliable cloud storage makes it easy to access video footage wherever and whenever. Monitor Customer Flow - Quick and easy tracking so that you always know who is coming and going, and how many visitors you have in-store.

read more › 03 Security is the most professional security company I've ever dealt with. I didn't think anything could beat their prices until I experienced the high level of service they offer. The owner is one of the nicest guys, has always been on time, and is always easy to get a hold of. He has installed multiple cameras/systems both in my home and around the property. I had nothing less than an exceptional experience with both Jimmy and his tech John. They were both very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable when it came to my security camera installation.

read more › Covering not only your lakehouse, but even a pier is completely possible. In this specific setup, we utilized a turret design that can handle even the toughest weather conditions. Turret cameras provide an excellent image day or night. Equipped with an LED Matrix infrared, these cameras evenly distribute the IR for night imaging much more than traditional IR designs. Another feature of this specific IR is that it provides longer ranges up to 180' to give you more coverage during even the darkest hours.

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