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Make Safety your # priority and alert operators and pedestrians of approaching equipment with our Ultra Wide Band (UWB) based proximity system. Revolutionizing your ROI by eliminating high upfront costs through our all-inclusive subscription service. Access offers the most comprehensive solution for all battery and remote management. Our products and platform are modular, robust and affordable.

Utilizing our years of industry experience and functional expertise, Access looks beyond standard solutions to develop new insights, drive tangible results, and enable companies to be more capable and operationally efficient. Manage your fleet from any location using insights on asset and employee performance so you can make changes sooner, increasing your overall process optimization.

Avoid costly mistakes by utilizing metrics that assess environmental and safety factors to reduce energy waste, damages, and safety compliance issues across your operation. Drastically reduce costs associated with avoidable damages, battery lifespan, and equipment performance by tracking the efficiency of your asset throughout its entire lifecycle.

read more › Locate your fleet through GPS tracking, receive notifications when equipment issues arise and schedule maintenance requests from any location. Tracking your equipments' run time is crucial to maintaining your fleet's overall health and productivity. Between scattered fleets and human error it can oftentimes feel more tedious to manage than it's worth. Vital solves these frustrations by automatically capturing multiple hour meter readings from ANY powered equipment in ANY location, completely eliminating the need for manual entry.

read more › Designed to operate like your smartphone, Advanced continues to be the most user-friendly and powerful telematics device in the industry today. Quickly install on any brand of powered vehicle to track location, verify safety and compliance, and monitor battery and fuel levels. Your investment should be taken care of. In order to do that, you must have the right information to guarantee the safety and health of your asset. ADVANCED ensures your asset is protected by controlling who has access to your equipment, providing insight into driving patterns to identify causes of damage, automatically shutting off engines to reduce idle times, fuel and maintenance costs, and enforcing operators to comply with the OSHA safety standards with the completion of a safety checklist at the beginning of every shift.

read more › Rugged, all-in-one and completely customizable asset management for any mobile equipment fleet. Designed to endure some of the harshest conditions, ULTIMATE is loaded with every feature needed to manage and support any ground support, warehouse or distribution center equipment fleet. Every system is customized to your unique equipment needs, allowing you to be in complete control of your equipment and operator productivity. You need a product that is rugged enough to survive the harshest weather conditions yet sophisticated enough to offer the analytics to ensure your fleet's productivity and safety.

read more › Did you know that according to the National Safety Council, forklift accidents can cost a company from $38,000 to $150,000 in indirect costs related to a single collision? Chaotic work environments, distracted workers and equipment zooming through facilities such as distribution centers, manufacturing sites or ports can cause collision risks. AWARE along with the execution of best safety practices can help avoid these situations. AWARE; an Ultra Wide Band (UWB) based proximity system measures distance between moving objects and alerts both operators and pedestrians of approaching equipment.

read more › A wireless, easy-to-install battery and asset monitoring device designed to collect crucial battery and fleet data making it the only telematics system to protect and monitor your investment from the inside out. A healthier fleet requires monitoring not only the vehicle but the battery it operates on. Celltrac makes that possible by collecting both crucial battery and asset parameters, eliminating the need to invest in separate devices. CellTrac helps prevent damage to your batteries by tracking water, temperature and charge levels in addition to collecting engine run and idle times for a better maintained and efficient fleet.

read more › A powerful tool designed specifically for OEMs and Dealers to identify and troubleshoot battery problems for their electric equipment fleets. Avoid common battery issues and ensure optimal performance by proactively measuring voltage, current, AMP hours and temperature. An underperforming battery can not only hurt your electric equipment's performance, but it can also cause equipment malfunction and damage to costly electronic controls. In addition, using the wrong size battery for your equipment can dramatically increase battery and equipment costs, especially as your fleet size increases.

read more › A smart sensor for your electric battery fleet designed to monitor battery damages and water levels. Smartie is a wireless solution designed to address two of the most common issues that can reduce the overall lifetime of your battery: water levels and unseen damages. Since battery performance and water level/temperature are linked, analyzing batteries with issues and alarm data can help diagnose root cause so proactive steps can be taken to prevent further damage and downtime. Every morning a report can be sent to your inbox so your service provider or in-house maintenance personnel can water batteries based on real data and not waste time hunting for batteries and water wrong the batteries.

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