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Tytan Security Tytan Security Sets the Standard in Home Automation, Residential & Commercial Security & Surveillance Systems, and Security Monitoring!. Tytan Security specializes in home automation, security and surveillance products, and customized residential security alarm systems, and commercial security alarm applications. We Service the areas of Cedar City, St. George, and all of Southern Utah, using the best brands and the latest technologies for installation and monitoring.

Whether you need home security surveillance cameras or a complete security solution for your business, take advantage of the smart home and business revolution and call us today! The rise of internet shopping, and home delivery, has brought with it a rise in package theft. While it was once safe to have a package delivered to your door, and not have to worry about someone stealing it, times have definitely changed.

And, it doesn't stop with just packages being stolen, there has been an increase in home burglaries, and car theft too.

read more › Tytan Security specializes in home automation, security, surveillance and fire products. We are the security industry leaders, in Cedar City, St. George, and all of Southern Utah! We are extremely flexible and put your needs above that of a commissioned sales person who may knock on your door. One of our biggest assets is our team of qualified, seasoned, and experienced staff that can design a security and/or home automation system on your behalf without breaking the bank. Our team has an eye for what will work and what won't work at your home or business.

read more › Tytan Security was founded in 2007. Its roots were planted in '99 when its founder first became involved in the alarm industry as a technician. After years of installing, troubleshooting, selling and managing, the founder realized that there was a local opportunity to establish a household security brand that offered much more flexibility than his previous employer could provide. Tytan Security was born, and continues to evolve as technology advances, especially in the home automation market.

read more › Tytan Security's headquarters are located in Cedar City, UT. Visit Southern Utah during the summer and you'll know why. Our immediate service area is Southern Utah including Saint George, Hurricane, Mesquite, NV. We also have satellite offices in Las Vegas, NV, SLC, UT and Rexburg, ID. Don't worry if your city isn't listed here. We can generally line up a technician to accommodate most markets and if we can't, we're happy to preprogram your security system and provide help over the phone and treat it as a DIY installation.

read more › Tytan offers the best home security packages in Southern Utah, without the high prices. We offer multiple choices in security systems, at a fraction of the cost of other companies. Our alarm systems protect you from fire and burglary both when you're home and when you're away. They feature remote access which lets you arm and disarm your system from anywhere via the Internet using your smartphone or other device. All of our systems feature the latest secure wireless technologies, and come with 24/7 UL-listed monitoring.

read more › Our basic security package includes a touchscreen keypad, cellular monitoring, (no phone line needed), 4 wireless entry doors, 1 pet immune motion detector and 1 remote keyfob. This is a great alarm package for those who want a reliable basic security system with on and off features that can be easily expanded upon in the future in the event you want to add more sensors and/or automation features.

read more › Tytan Security offers an assortment of specialty devices that integrate with your home systems and wirelessly provide 24-hour early detection of smoke or carbon monoxide. Unlike many similar devices, our detectors also monitor temperature changes, acting as a heat detector as well as a freeze detector. Tytan specializes in custom designing systems at truly affordable prices. Contact us today to learn how we can design and install your custom system! Tytan security can also ensure your personal safety by offering sophisticated medical monitoring and tracking devices.

read more › These wireless sensors come in both surface mount and recessed options and protect your doors and windows from unwanted entry. They also come complete with a chime feature on your touchpad so you know which contact was opened. The Go Control panel is a robust alarm keypad that comes complete with built in cellular technology, 24 hour backup battery, bright interface, and can act as a "smart hub" for home automation features. Life Beacon is a medical personal response unit that can be used anywhere via its GPS technology.

read more › Tytan takes a unique approach to protecting your business, offering the best high end business security solutions at affordable prices. We protect against fire and burglary with state of the art alarm systems, and provide high resolution surveillance cameras. We custom design your security system to meet your business' needs. Our reporting systems can log up to 72 employees' arming and disarming actions, and all of our business security packages feature 24/7 UL listed monitoring. It seamlessly integrates with your video surveillance, synchronizing with your security cameras.

read more › Our basic business security solution uses a Honeywell commercial quality Vista alarm. Like all our business alarm systems, it is custom designed by Tytan's security specialists to meet your specific needs. We feature both hard-wired and wireless components, and all of our hardware is commercially rated, making our systems more reliable and yielding fewer false alarms. All of our business security systems are installed, maintained, and serviced locally by Tytan Security. For an even more robust commercial security solution, Tytan can bundle fire and burglary protection in a single system, using a combination alarm system from Honeywell.

read more › Tytan Security takes pride in the design of each installation and the products we use. Our Honeywell commercial door contacts are no exception. They provide a generous gap so as to avoid false alarms and are designed for a commercial environment. Honeywell's Fire Lite products are manufactured to provide early detection of smoke and fire. These panels are great for any size commercial building. They can be configured as either addressable or non-addressable and have multiple zones. Smoke detectors pull stations and horn / strobes are a must in any commercial environment.

read more › Tytan's home automation systems offer versatile, easy to use control of lighting, door locks and other appliances, using a central security and automation hub controller. We feature thermostat control, which can lower your heating and cooling costs significantly and immediately. Our controller even provides severe weather alerts, and notifies you when your home is locked and unlocked. Tytan's remote access home automation systems let you control all your automated functions via smartphone or other Internet-connected devices.

read more › Thermostat control is becoming one of the most important features of a home automation system, allowing you to easily and remotely adjust both heating and air conditioning. Control your thermostat from anywhere using a Tytan Security app on your smart phone or other device, including the ability to remotely schedule your programmable thermostat. Tytan can easily replace your existing thermostat with a connected model that will integrate seamlessly with your home automation solution. Tytan Security's connected door locks allow you to easily and remotely lock and unlock you deadbolt door locks.

read more › Remote access to your Tytan home automation system is a snap; just use our Tytan Security app to access all of your devices via your smart phone or other device. Whether you are using phone or tablet, you can control your system from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Our systems work with PC or Mac computers and both IOS and android mobile operating systems. Contact Tytan today to learn more about Southern Utah's best home automation systems. Tytan's home automation systems fully and seamlessly integrate with our security systems, so if you already have security from Tytan you will have an easy time with home automation, using you existing system's control panel.

read more › Join the smart home revolution by installing an appliance or light module. These modules allow you to easily control a light switch and/or appliance like a lamp, sprinkler system or air conditioner. Tytan Security offers Z wave thermostats in a variety of different styles that can be controlled via your smartphone simply by pressing a button. Used properly, these thermostats can save you time and energy.

read more › Tytan Security is the best place in Southern Utah for high end surveillance products and systems for home and business. We use the newest digital high resolution security cameras that let you monitor activity in real time, indoors or outdoors. Our most popular cameras are the latest, smaller dome or bullet styles, which are much less obtrusive than older models. We deliver the best quality security camera at an affordable price! Remote access is a key part of Tytan's total surveillance solutions.

read more › Tytan Security carries a large assortment of the best home surveillance cameras. From the popular standalone tabletop models to the newest dome or bullet style cameras, we custom design and install the surveillance system that will best meet your individual needs. Tytan specializes in both indoor cameras and complete outdoor security camera solutions, including weatherproof cameras. Contact us today to get started on your own custom system. All of our business surveillance systems are custom designed and professionally installed locally by Tytan Security's technicians.

read more › Remote access to your Tytan surveillance system is easy, using our Tytan Security app to access all of your cameras and data storage via your smart phone or other device. Whether you are using a phone or a tablet, you can control your system from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Our systems work with PC or Mac computers and both IOS and android mobile operating systems. Contact Tytan today to learn more about the remote access capabilities of Southern Utah's best home and business surveillance systems.

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