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We are a leading Life Safety and Integrated Security Solutions provider - offering comprehensive, all-in-one services and customized solutions that protect people, buildings and the assets associated with both. For over 20 years, we have partnered with the world's leading technology companies, security experts, and law enforcement personnel to constantly re-imagine facility security in this rapidly evolving arena.

Multi-story buildings must be equipped with emergency intercom systems as well as reliable two-way communication to ensure people with limited mobility or a disability are safe in emergency situations. Whether a facility is looking to fulfill code requirements or simply add another layer of security to protect building occupants, LaMarco's Area of Rescue solutions provide comprehensive and intuitive communications and peace of mind to those that need it most.

read more › With more than 100 years of life safety and security experience, Underwriters Laboratories has the expertise to help protect lives and property. A dedicated team of life safety professionals makes UL the most prominent and trusted source for the industry. LaMarco Systems is a UL Listed Alarm Service Company, which means that we do installation of fire alarm and security systems according to the highest standards by UL. We are authorized to issue UL Systems Certification of Compliance for our installations.

read more › Access Control systems not only determine who can enter or exit physical spaces, but also monitor and manage where and when they have access to specific rooms or entry points. Whether it's Door Entry, Card Access, Turnstiles, Elevator Control, Gate, Garage, or other barriers, LaMarco's Access Control solutions provide the technology needed to deliver sophisticated security solutions for a range of applications from single sites to globally distributed physical security management systems. When it comes to your business, preventing unauthorized visitor access is essential to keeping employees safe and property secure.

read more › LaMarco's traditional wired & wireless networking solutions work in conjunction with leading technology providers to ensure a secured, comprehensive and fully integrated system. From the design stage to implementation, LaMarco works with its customers to build each network from the ground up based on the customer's needs, including wireless broadband equipment and accessories, to towers and site infrastructure applications.

read more › Multi-story buildings must be equipped with emergency intercom systems as well as reliable two-way communication to ensure people with limited mobility or disability are safe in emergency situations. Whether a facility is looking to fulfill code requirements or simply add another layer of security to protect building occupants, LaMarco's Area of Rescue solutions provide comprehensive and intuitive communications and peace of mind to those that need it most. Cornell provides intuitive systems that provide a reliable method of communication as well as peace of mind to those that need it most.

read more › Providing remote access. Cloud solutions work to tie it all together. Whether your company consists of one building or several spread out over a wide geographic area. LaMarco's Cloud solutions are web-based, enabling users to access security systems - such as captured video surveillance - with control and ease, viewed anytime, and from any device. LaMarco Systems brings the latest modern cloud technologies to make security easier to use, more accessible and more flexible in order to expand the applications.

read more › Fire system monitoring and rapid alarm response is critical to protecting buildings and the people who live and work within. LaMarco's Fire Alarm solutions provide support every step of the way - from design, permitting, setup and installation, to technical support and training, to post-installation monitoring. Our NICET-certified professionals have extensive experience in fire alarm system engineering per National Fire Protection Association standards, as well as City of Chicago codes and State of Illinois villages' requirements.

read more › Smartphones are the new door keys, video monitors, visitor logs, and more for buildings today. LaMarco's Mobile Access solution provides convenient, mobile-based access to leading security systems that extend the security perimeter of a facility to anyone, anywhere. Property managers, employees, and residents can more-easily manage foot traffic, safety risks, and lifestyle or work conveniences with systems that are seamlessly integrated into a single platform on their phone. Rather than a key, card or fob -which can be lost, cloned or stolen and are often expensive to manage- users are issued a mobile credential for access, allowing them to bypass concierge systems or view and control systems on their phones.

read more › When you have to know who is in your building and for how long, you need a secure system that identifies and monitors every person that steps foot on premises. LaMarco's Visitor Management solutions provide comprehensive tools to ensure only authorized individuals gain entry, while maintaining visitor access - including EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management and IDenticard Systems - that can be newly deployed or easily integrated with existing Access Control system. If you are already using a state-of-the-art Access Control system, the visitor management can be easily integrated with your existing system.

read more › Turnstiles help maintain order, control access and help create barriers that prevent unauthorized entry. LaMarco's Turnstiles integrate with the latest access control and visitor management systems, enhancing innovative security features and preserving the design and thoughtful architecture of lobbies and entryways. Credentials are assigned that provide access with temporary or ongoing periods -on select days and times or for the duration of employment, tenant lease, etc.- to ensure inbound and outbound accountability for employees and guests.

read more › Our solution provides -4 layers of protection through thermographic scanning, disinfecting ozone, far-UVC and vaporized non-harmful disinfectant. Designed to be assured with the fastest throughput. Disinfecting door systems provide a thorough way to screen all entrants into your building ensuring NO symptomatic people make it inside. Further, our equipment provides 4 mail elements that allow each entrant get disinfected before entry to ensure RNA is not dragged into your building. When it comes to your business, preventing unauthorized visitors, managing invited guests, and tracking employees' entry or exit during evacuations is essential to safety.

read more › Knowing who is approaching your door is the best line of defense when it comes to protecting your home, business and the people you care about. From locks that support keyless, mobile-based door entry that can be turned on and off for visitors, to doorbells equipped with intercom capabilities, and larger IP-based video door entry systems - LaMarco's range of Door Entry & Intercom solutions are ideal for commercial, corporate campus and multifamily residential users.

read more › Safeguard your business and/or the facilities you manage against trespassing, theft, burglary and other risks with reliable, state-of-the-art security. LaMarco's Intrusion Detection solutions use advanced technology to ensure the highest quality systems available. From small applications to large, high-security programs, a full range of products that guard against intrusion are evaluated, implemented and managed seamlessly.

read more › Security, facility and property managers are not only tasked with the operations of the buildings they manage but securing them as well. LaMarco's Smart Systems are designed around residential multi-family trends and security innovations that promise enhanced safety with a combination of tenant experience technology. End-to-end systems integrate seamlessly to deliver control and convenience on smartphone apps, supporting smart locks that feature keyless, mobile-based door entry to advanced access control, visitor management solutions, as well as video surveillance and intrusion detection.

read more › For systems to operate and communicate properly, alarms need to be tested and maintained regularly. Some impairments can go unnoticed, causing component damage or malfunction during an emergency. Only a licensed fire alarm contractor with knowledge of factory recommended procedures should perform system inspections. LaMarco's testing of alarm systems includes visual and technical assessments that use the latest equipment to ensure proper functionality of every system device and provides robust reporting and inspection documentation through BuildingReports.

read more › There is no one size fits all approach to security. Unique spaces require individualized plans and customized solutions that meet their unique needs and align with the organizations and communities living and working within them. However, the task of identifying and implementing an acceptable system has become highly complex for decision-makers developing, remodeling or updating building infrastructure. For example, how many emergency calls stations do you need? What visitor management applications are best?

read more › From tenants and employees to visitors and shoppers, all people need to feel secure and welcome in your facility. Safety in the parking lot is just as important in the lobby, hallways and corridors, as well as inside offices and storefronts. In today's tech-driven and mobile-enabled world, however, security means much more than ensuring wellbeing and loss prevention. It's about meeting lifestyles' demands, providing convenience, access and functionality for those that manage systems and everyone they protect.

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