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Perfect Connections Security Services Since 1992 Perfect Connections has been a trusted security systems company in central and northern New Jersey for custom home & commercial security systems. With decades of experience in the security industry, we know the lay of the land when it comes to security systems, the challenges facing customers and how to create the best custom solutions.

We remain on the cutting edge providing you with tools and systems that make life easier, safer, and worry free allowing you to focus on things that matter most. A leading and trusted expert since 1992, Perfect Connections helps home owners protect what matters most - their family, loved ones, and property. We deliver complete and comprehensive security systems to new custom construction and existing custom homes.

Our systems can include fire, burglar, carbon monoxide/gas protection, and the Connected Home - Home Automation. As a leading security expert, Perfect Connections has been helping businesses overcome their security and asset protection challenges.

read more › Your business is at risk. While you work feverishly to manage your facility and grow a business, the odds continue to mount against you. This year, one out three businesses will go bankrupt from theft. More than $3 billion dollars in damages will be assessed from business fires. Employee morale is lower than ever, causing poor workplace performance. Asset and proprietary trade secrets are being stolen at alarming rates. Plug and play, out-of-the-box, security systems won't fix the problem. Piecemealing multiple security systems to solve problems is a duct-tape band aid to a hole in a sinking security ship.

read more › They say one man's junk is another man's treasure. You've made a business helping others find that treasure. Maintaining the security of those assets on a sprawling property can be challenging. It's important to limit threats like fire and theft, as well as maintain controlled access to areas of high value. The interior of a scrap yard is a beacon to thieves looking to score an easy payday from discarded raw materials. Auto parts and other forgotten machinery whet the appetite of intruders, tempting them to your premises.

read more › Manufacturing is at the creative edge. Combining machines, raw materials and people, a product is created for distribution into the global economy. Yet an unaddressed large threat looms in your own facility threatening the security of your business before product goes to market. Manufacturing security threats include loss of inventory and fire hazards. Additional threats include employee theft, lack of job performance, and controlling access to proprietary areas and control rooms. It requires a perfect orchestration of security solutions to help you successfully reach a global market.

read more › In the sunset of life, individuals and families look for a place for their loved ones to live out the remainder of their days. These care facilities become a trusted place of community for residence. Medical needs vary greatly, requiring control of federally regulated medications and controlling the safety parameters for those who's mind wanders away. Visitor and employee traffic is constant, creating the potential for patient liability and theft of care facility inventory. Lack of proper fire management could be the cause of catastrophic loss and chaos, shuttering your business and ruining you reputation.

read more › There is nothing more important than the safety of our children. It's unfortunate that our children would be at risk, but, in today's world, protecting them while they are away at school or daycare is of the utmost importance. Whether you need security cameras, access control systems, or fire alarm systems, Perfect Connections can work with you to design a solution for your needs. We can help you stay within your budget while designing a school security system that works uniquely for you. Our custom systems can integrate with schools, day cares, nurseries, and more.

read more › At Perfect Connections we understand what matters most to you. We provide complete home security systems and home automation services for new custom home construction or existing custom homes in central & northern New Jersey. By removing the worries of fire, theft, loss and home access, we help you enjoy life to its fullest. Our custom home security systems include everything you need to rest easy day and night. From fire and burglar alarms to video surveillance systems and carbon monoxide alarms we help you stay worry free knowing you and your loved ones are safe.

read more › Most residential alarm DIY products leave the buyer hanging - a box of parts get shipped to the home and you are left on your own to install, program and test equipment that is supposed to protect your home and family. There are no checks for quality or even for proper operation. The cell and interactive service as well as the monitoring center are cut rate, allowing the cheapest possible cost. Even worse, they try to convince you that self monitoring is a good way to protect your home. We never thought the safety and security of your family and home should be in the hands of such a product.

read more › Your family is at risk. While you work, play, and enjoy life there are forces around you that must be managed to keep your family and loved ones safe. You need a secure way to protect both your family and your assets. At Perfect Connections, we provide comprehensive custom home and new home construction security systems for residents of central & northern New Jersey. Our systems are customized to fully protect your property and home. We don't believe one size fits all. You and your family are special and unique, and require something custom fit to your lifestyle.

read more › You're away at work or shopping. A storm moves in. You hope your family is safe. You try calling. No one answers. The storm continues as you drive home. It worsens. You continue to worry if your family is safe. You call again. Still no answer. It's now dark as you arrive home. You fumble to find your keys and open the front door of your home as the storm rages down upon you. Thankfully, your family is fine. If you had been "connected, " though, things would have been different. You'd have saved yourself from the panic of wondering if things were OK.

read more › Perfect Connections, an industry leading business security systems company, has been providing complete custom security systems in Somerville, NJ and the surrounding area since 1992. We understand your challenges and provide comprehensive, state of the art security solutions including video surveillance systems, access control systems and fire alarm and burglar alarm systems.

read more › There's a lot at risk running a business and having the proper business security in place can help minimize those risks. It's important to contain and manage those risks where possible and keep assets secure. At Perfect Connections, we know and understand the risks you face. We provide central and northern New Jersey with comprehensive business security systems and solutions. Our commercial solutions cover customized and installed security and alarm systems that fit your business needs and help you secure what matters most.

read more › It's amazing what people do when they think that no one is watching. People fake slips and fall incidents for insurance claims. Expensive equipment somehow vanishes from an office and appears in a home or car. Inventory disappears without a trace. Some people will even compromise proprietary information when they think the coast is clear. It's an unfortunate, but very real side of human behavior-we try to perform our dirtiest deeds undercover. These situations create risk and asset management challenges for you and your business.

read more › A comprehensive fire alarm system reduces the possibility of fire that brings costly risks to your business. It's one of the most devastating occurrences small businesses sustain. Last year, fires caused more than $3 billion in structural damage to commercial buildings. Those numbers don't account for losses from smoke and water damage. Both are significant business disruptions. They threaten assets, the safety of employees, visitors, and patients. You owe it to yourself and your staff to defend against these threats.

read more › Burglary often seems to strike from nowhere, like a natural disaster. Many people imagine the classic thief in the night, breaking into your premises leaving loss and damage in their wake. The come during the day, when you're likely to be at work or running errands. Far from dressing in a black catsuit, like you may have learned from the movies, they'll don a plain-clothes outfit to blend in. Particularly savvy criminals will disguise themselves as service or delivery personnel. They don't spend inordinate amounts of time rifling through your possessions.

read more › The law requires you keep certain things under lock and key. Areas of your business store proprietary strategies and information that, if shared, could damage your competitive edge and bankrupt your company. Other areas or rooms in your business require controlled access for specified and trained personnel only. Controlling these areas can be challenging. Keys can be easily stolen or replicated. Knowing who's coming and going, and when, can often be difficult, if not impossible. Keep things secure, know who's coming and going, and create better control of your facility with commercial access control systems.

read more › Thanks for stopping by and visiting our Perfect Connections website. We're here to ensure peace of mind, security, and success with state of the art customized security solutions for businesses and custom homes. As a central & northern New Jersey security systems company, we'd like the opportunity to show you the solutions we can provide that you haven't considered.

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