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We're specialized in planning and design, installation, repair and maintenance of full range security systems for business & commercial properties, residential buildings and industrial facilities. Our team works very efficiently to provide the most of the Security Solutions with the top brands in the market. I had a Comelit intercom that was installed but not programmed correctly.

When I called TM Security they understood the service I was looking for and provided an accurate quote. A co-owner arrived the next morning, programmed the intercom for 3-units, and tested each apartment to make sure it was working properly. While we were there, he identified a possible door strike issue which we corrected as well. Further, he showed me how to properly disassemble the entry intercom so it won't be damaged when I need to swap out the labels.

Their service isn't cheap but it is valuable. As a building manager I appreciate professionals who look to make my job easier.

read more › It offers you security and convenience by controlling the entrance into your residential building, business or office space or building management. Any business or organization with medium to heavy foot traffic will particularly benefit from access control. An access control system offers you the ability to control who comes into your building at any point in time is critically important for the security, safety, and health of those who work or spend time in a facility. It enhances the security of companies, residential buildings and business establishments by integrating it with other devices such as surveillance cameras.

read more › Structured cabling is all about choosing a world-class service provider with years of experience and having a customized solution in place. This team offers expertise, professionalism, and a willingness to work hard on all types of setups. If the goal is to see impressive results and know the performance will not let you down then it is time to start with this company. With years of experience and the ability to deliver impressive results, TM Security Inc continues to be the go-to option in NYC for those who want a structured cabling solution.

read more › People that live in homes may be worried about their safety from time to time. They know that there may be a possibility that there may be a burglar out there. When they want to make sure that they are safe in their homes, they think of integrated security systems. Since they have a high interest in them, one of the best companies that they can deal with is The Security Inc. They are known for their fantastic systems that are created to keep people safe in their homes at all times. This is a company that has been in business for many years.

read more › Choosing the right security setup for your property requires research, a good understanding of security, and years of expertise. TM Security Inc is proud to offer world-class security cameras that are robust, crystal clear, and in line with international standards. If you are serious about your security needs and want to go the extra mile, it is time to look at what this team has to offer in NYC. This is a company that takes pride in offering only the best security cameras on the market that have been fully vetted beforehand.

read more › When people live in larger homes, it may be difficult for them to talk to each other on a regular basis. For this reason, they may need an intercom system inside the home to make it easier for them to communicate. They may also need to have an intercom system on the outside of their home to make sure that they know who is accessing their property. The company that they will want to contact for a large selection of intercom systems is Security Inc. They will find that they will get the service that they need and when they need it.

read more › So, what is access control? This is a way of ensuring that users accessing company data are who they say they are. An access control system guarantees security by assigning flexible control over who has authorization to gain access to your premises or company information. Access control basically comprises two components: authorization and authentication. Authentication is a method used for verifying that somebody is who they are claiming to be. Authentication isn't enough to protect data. You need an additional layer, authorization, which is used to determine if a user should be permitted to access information or do the transaction they're trying.

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