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Securenet Technologies Whether you're looking for the best innovative software and hardware to offer customers - or you just need a platform that supports your current hardware - we've got you covered. Your customers want more than the latest security software and hardware; they want to have CONTROL over what matters most. We've got the technology and pricing to help you attract, win and retain more customers and flourish in an age of IoT transformation.

Together, we'll create more meaningful and lasting customer relationships. Adding home security to your business offerings is easy with SecureNet. Get custom-branded solutions, flexible software and hardware options, and prices that will wow you. Let's give your customers more of what they want while increasing your bottom line. The homes you help protect are not just another dot on a map.

That's why they rely on you to be the right partner to create a security solution that fits THEIR needs. Protecting their home is your #1 priority. We understand this and we'll stand firmly in the background ensuring you're ability to do this.

read more › Whether you want to expand your existing IoT offerings or add security options as an added benefit for customers, SecureNet is the partner you need. Our cost-effective, flexible offerings fit your specific business model and boost your brand - all while easily adding to your bottom line. Adding new products to an existing portfolio may seem like a daunting task. We can shorten market entry from months to weeks. When you partner with SecureNet, you will be equipped with all the features, support, and reliability your growing company needs.

read more › The SecureNet platform offers flexible, turn-key security, smart home and IoT solutions giving you everything your growing business needs - and more. Giving your customers modern, sleek, and easy-to-use products - all controlled from a single app - has never been easier. See what the SmartLink+ app can do. We love SecureNet. The tech support is always available and if it's after hours we get a callback. Their app is perfect for our customers because it's simple to use, it does everything we need it to do - and you can't beat their prices.

read more › With so many connected devices in the home, you need a way to easily manage everything in one place. Our SmartLink+ app allows you to control almost everything from home security devices, to lights, thermostats, doorbells, voice assistants and more. You can even set up automatic alerts and timers to ensure your smart locks are secured or your house is heated just in time for you to come home from work. Your smart devices should work together for convenience and peace-of-mind. Our app allows you to easily connect and control all your key devices on a single platform.

read more › Business security is a critical component of having a safe, efficient and productive workplace. Whether your business is a large corporation or a small coffee shop, we help protect your most valuable assets. SecureNet's dealer partners are building security solutions for businesses all over the world - which is why they understand that each business has unique security needs. A security partner will meet with you to craft a solution that will grow as your business grows. A pre-planned strategy will ensure that your investments are safeguarded for years to come.

read more › The all-in-one interactive security, video, and smart home app that is customizable with your brand. Give your customers the control they crave and the simplicity they desire with one, simple app. A single interface that is simple to use and can control almost any smart home device. Smartlink+ is always connected, always working for your customer. Your customers can manage their own email, text and push notifications for alarm and other system events. Instant-response control and status of thermostats, lights, locks, garage doors, appliances, and more.

read more › The following Central Stations fully support the SecureNet Platform and offer 3rd party (wholesale) monitoring to Dealers. We are also integrated into many self-monitored dealer/centrals not listed below. If your current Central Station is not listed, please contact us. We typically have a large pool of Central Stations in the process of being added to our list of Central Station partners.

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