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Our highly experienced security experts are here to help you design and build the solution you need to protect your home or business. Here at SCP, we believe that customer service is the number one priority in any business. That is why you will have a live operator answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because SCP believes that customers deserve a personalized relationship with their security company.

SCP has multiple representatives ready to work with you instantly. SCP can also customize a home automation system to fit your needs when you are on the run. Our central station is located right here in Michigan providing local jobs for local people. We provide our own monitoring, installation, and service. We use the most sophisticated state of the art technology in the industry to monitor your home or business so that you can count on the fastest response possible.

SCP has been locally operated in the Metro Detroit area since 1984. We specialize and install burglary & fire alarm systems, home automation systems, surveillance systems, phone systems, intercom/sound systems, and access control systems.

Home security is not just basic anymore since the addition of SCP's smart home automation solutions. Home automation is the newest feature available for our residential clients. Control lights, garage doors, temperature, cameras, and much more right at your fingertips, literally. With apps for android and iPhone, it is now easier than ever to automate

SCP takes fire protection very seriously and provides solutions to give you the best coverage for your home. Fire safety is one of the most important aspects of protecting your family and valuables. Your home should be protected against not only deadly fires, but gas leaks that can be extremely harmful. Take a look at the different fire protection products

Once an intruder approaches your building, it trips a virtual alarm trigger. SCP agents are instantly alerted and able to view your cameras immediately. At this point, SCP agents will give a verbal warning to the intruder such as, You are trespassing on private property. Leave immediately or the police will be dispatched. If the intruder ignores the

SCP offers many solutions to help ensure the safety of your business. Protecting your business is absolutely one of the most important aspects of being in business. We can accommodate security services for all sizes including small business, manufacturers, industrial, school, or government. Every business is different and SCP can customize a solution

SCP can provide your business with a wide variety of tools to help ensure compliance with city and state codes and ensure the safety of your customers and employees. Fire and life safety is a critical job in our industry. An SCP representative can customize your fire system to fit all requirements and provide the optimum coverage. We can handle all

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