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Protect your residential or commercial property with the latest security technology on the market. Access & Alarm Company Inc., in Lambertville, Michigan, offers a variety of security and alarm systems that your property needs. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current system or wanting a new one installed, count our company for your service today.

When it comes to protecting your property, don't settle for second best. Choose our alarm systems or services to receive personalized service, better response times, and dependable support. To accomplish this, the same technician completes each of your services. This allows us our technician to better meet your needs so you receive nothing but the best from our company.

You also don't have to worry about your budget with our access control, gate operator, or other security alarm services. Our prices are more affordable than any other company in the area, which is made possible with lower overhead costs. The area has received reliable security and alarm services from Access & Alarm Company Inc. since 1999.

read more › Have a dependable gate installed onto your property. Access & Alarm Company Inc., in Lambertville, Michigan, builds custom turnkey gates, as well as offers gate operator installation and services. We install gates for parking lots, garages, and residential properties. Our turnkey gate operator system includes operator installation and hookup for required devices. Contact us to learn more about our custom turnkey gates. We understand that your gate may get damaged or have a problem operating on occasion, which is why we offer reliable 24 hour service and maintenance.

read more › Make sure your property is well protected with reliable security cameras or alarm systems from Access & Alarm Company Inc. in Lambertville, Michigan. With our dependable systems your property is covered from every angle. Your property is fully protected in case of an emergency with our surveillance cameras. We offer extensive video recording, night vision cameras, and other equipment. For your convenience, you may view any of your security cameras remotely through the Internet or from a smartphone.

read more › Rest assured that the right people access their designated areas with reliable alarm systems. Access & Alarm Company Inc. provides access control systems which limits access to your property or business. We also offer systems for higher security access control, such as retina and fingerprint scanners. The Prox reader technology is a multi-function computer driven system that allows you to program each individual access card for certain doors and times of the day. This gives you the ability to completely control access to your property.

read more › Are you interested in learning more about what we have to offer you? We are more than happy to provide additional information about our products or services. Please be sure to include your name, email, phone, and the specific service or product in question. You will receive a confirmation after submitting the form, and we will respond as quickly as possible for your satisfaction. Contact us in Lambertville, Michigan, to request information about the alarm systems we offer.

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