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Luther's Custom Iron & Burglar Bars Keeping your home safe from thieves is really making it more trouble than its worth. With burglar bars, security gates, and enclosures providing physical barriers, your home sends a strong message to would-be thieves - move along! Consult with our security experts to see how easily these features and more can be installed in your home. Burglar bars across all the windows in your home is a good first step - especially on easy-to-access windows on the first floor.

Thick and durable, our bars will protect against basic prying and cutting - remember, the goal here is to slow a thief down. They want to be in and out in 2 minutes or less. Worried about a fire? None of our security features will prevent you from getting outside your home quickly in an emergency. Each feature has an interior release that lets you out!

The nice thing about our physical features and system is that they are always on and always visible to would-be thieves!

read more › Physical security features such as burglar bars not only act as a deterrent to theft, they also slow a thief down, giving law enforcement time to respond. Home security bars let you protect the things most precious to you. The truth is that burglars are often in and out of your home or business before anyone notices. With our door burglar bars preventing access, you don't have to worry.

read more › With just a pane of glass, windows are often the favorite access point for many thieves. One quick tap, a loud crash, and then they have a full two minutes to ransack your place before the police even think about arriving. Take precautions with your easily accessible windows by letting us install our affordable burglar bars throughout your entire home. Burglars will give up before their first attempt at breaking in.

read more › The sad truth is that a thief makes approximately $40 and you incur approximately $700 in repairs or more for a new air conditioner, plus installation costs. Thieves realize that they can make a quick buck from copper elements that are easily retrieved from your air conditioning unit. Air conditioning units are usually located out of site, (in your back or side yard) where they can be torn apart within 5 minutes just to retrieve the valuable copper elements of your unit.

read more › You can't go wrong with wrought iron! Besides looking great, iron exudes a strength that thieves don't want to see when they are looking for easy money! Help keep your children and pets in your yard. It's a great peace of mind when you install a gate knowing your children and pets are safe. Our gate installation team will help you pick out a style of gate, as well as any additional features. Once you are ready, we will begin installation immediately so your gate can be up and running as soon as possible.

read more › The perfect safety feature for any stairway, deck, or balcony, our rails can be installed quickly and efficiently - your daily schedule won't be interrupted! We work closely with interior designers, architects, builders, and home or business owners to achieve the perfect look while maintaining code requirements. If you can dream it, we can build it. Let us come up with a railing that can match any architectural approach and add a modern style to any decoration. It doesn't matter whether you're looking for a very complex design or just want something straightforward, we can do it all.

read more › With a FREE estimate and a staff that love to talk about security, you're sure to have all your home protection questions answered with one quick call! Luther's Custom Iron & Burglar Bars has been serving the Golden Triangle for 25 years. With the expertise in building custom iron gates, railings, and burglar bars, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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