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For the last seven years the FireTest Company has been conducting hydrant flow tests using flow meters to measure city supply for use in fire protection and domestic water design. We will test, flow or repair your backflow device at your request. We are ASSE certified, registered with the State of Colorado for Fire Suppression and Backflow testing and repair.

We have those hard to find parts for the older systems. Do you have multiple phone lines costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month? We have a system that doesn't use phone lines so you can cancel those expensive phone lines. We are experienced in wet, antifreeze, dry, foam, preaction, deluge and water mist systems. For the last fifteen years the FireTest Company has been providing quality inspection, test, maintenance, reports and repairs to healthcare, commercial and multi-family residential properties.

Our specialty is in healthcare and specifically, the environment of care for hospitals, medical office buildings, ambulatory care, assisted living facilities, apartment buildings, sterile manufacturing and hotels.

The FireTest Company is a privately owned and operated company in the state of Colorado. Our primary business is the inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire sprinklers, fire alarm, detection and suppression. FireTest provides you with the confidence that your building's fire protection will work when and how it was designed, without unwanted nuisance

To avoid overdue inspections, we utilize our inspection scheduling database to keep track of when your inspection is due. We will contact you prior to the due date to schedule. We send the same technician team for every inspection, so that once they are familiar with your facility, they will save your staff time and build a level of trust and efficiency

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