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Lakeview Alarms Get customized security systems for your home and business from Lakeview Alarms Inc. We'll tailor the security system to your needs. Call us for a FREE estimate. Keep your property safe from fire by installing a fire protection system for your commercial or residential property. We provide a warranty on our equipment. Monitor your home or business with CCTV systems from Lakeview Alarms Inc. Watch recorded videos or view live from your computer or your smartphone.

read more › For situations where your landline phone is not available, and you need to set off the alarms manually or lock the doors from outside your house, you can use our GSMX cellular communicator. We have a proven business with good track record, and years of knowledge on handling systems. You can save money through our customer referral program. Get two FREE months of monitoring service when you refer a new customer to Lakeview Alarms Inc. Is your existing security system safe enough for your home or business?

read more › Get fire protection systems installed for your home or office at reasonable prices from Lakeview Alarms Inc. Our business has a proven track record and years of knowledge in handling systems. The fire protection systems we use are up-to-date with new technologies. Get in touch with us today! Residential and commercial fires can leave devastating effects on both families and business owners. Make the right decision today by contacting Lakeview Alarms Inc for a FREE estimate. We are flexible with estimates and we set up appointments at the customer's convenience.

read more › Keep your property safe with the help of security cameras from Lakeview Alarms Inc. Security cameras can help you catch vandals and intruders in the act. Our premium grade camera systems can be placed anywhere and give visibility, even in low light situations. All new installations come with a one-year warranty. Get in touch with our team to learn how you can get two months of FREE security monitoring from Lakeview Alarms Inc. If you're looking out for camera surveillance, look no further than Lakeview Alarms Inc.

read more › Do you find difficulty in moving around your home? Lakeview Alarms Inc physical emergency systems are small devices that are designed to assist you in case of emergencies. All you need to do is press the button, and an emergency response team will be on their way to help you. Be prepared to react to an emergency by purchasing a personal emergency system from Lakeview Alarms Inc. The device will ensure that emergency responders reach out to you whenever you need them.

read more › Are you having trouble sleeping because you're feeling unsafe in your home? Turn to Lakeview Alarms Inc for modern monitoring systems. The Security Central and Lakeview Alarms Inc will always be active and ready to react to any given emergency. We regularly update systems to keep up with the new technology. Pay for 12 months of monitoring and get one month FREE. Save money on our monitoring system by referring a new customer to us to receive two FREE months of monitoring. Call us to learn more.

read more › The first step in testing your security system is to call Security Central at (800) 286-5699. Ask them to put your system at the "test" mode. Allow the sirens to sound off for a minute and then shut off your system. Make sure your system is working after a severe lightning storm, before leaving for vacation, or after installing a new internet connection. Every year many people fall victim to burglary and break-ins. These intruders will sometime have gotten information from the homeowners over the phone, allowing them access to the property.

read more › For over 35 years, Lakeview Alarms Inc has been installing, repairing, and maintaining alarm systems all over the Heber Springs area. Take a look at all of the security, fire protection, camera, and personal emergency systems that we can install for you as soon as today! Alarm systems have come a long way. Today you can be more protected than you've ever been before! View all of the devices that our licensed technicians can install in your home or business.

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