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Kenrik Resources, Inc. specializes in designing high-end twisted pair solutions for the video surveillance (CCTV) market. The Kenrik line uses a unique process, along with the highest quality components, to deliver full motion color or black & white video over unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable, also known as Category 5 or Cat 5 cable. One major Kenrik focus is keeping the installer in mind when designing products.

For example, our active UTP receivers accept a wide range of power options, while providing isolated power, surge protection, in-rush current limiters and under-voltage lockout safety measures. Our units are both flexible and durable, accommodating nearly any system design. Kenrik UTP receivers not only eliminate more of the noise picked up on UTP lines, but also do so over the full range of frequencies; from power line frequencies of 50 and 60 Hz through higher frequency ranges up to 6 MHz.

Previous industry challenges such as local in-line power, Ethernet cross-talk, fluorescent lighting, AM radio signals and other noisy RF interference are eliminated; making these units ideally suited for the most difficult UTP installations.

read more › Since 1995, Kenrik Resources, has been designing and modifying designs of video surveillance equipment. Initially, a CCTV engineering services company, Kenrik has evolved into a product and services company. Today Kenrik products are sold under a number of private labels within the CCTV market. Kenrik has leveraged their collective knowledge and designed their own product line. Kenrik Resources is a U.S. based firm that offers engineering/design solutions from concept to prototype. One area of specialty is redesigning existing products with obsolete component issues.

read more › Kenrik designs products for video control transmission (UTP line), video distribution (16X48 BNC Distribution Amplifier) and PTZ controllers and up-the-coax receiver/drivers. We use the highest quality components in order to build durable, stable products with the best possible video quality. A basic UTP system consists of two passive baluns that attach to each end of Unshielded Twisted Pair wiring (UTP/Cat 5 cable) to transmit composite video up to 1,000 feet (305 m). If many channels of video need transmitting, then a 16 channel passive receiver is your better choice.

read more › We are always looking for talented individuals with experience in the security/ video surveillance industry. The Kenrik KRDA16X48V and KRDA16X48 are high-resolution distribution amplifiers that provide three BNC video outputs for each of the 16 BNC inputs. Each composite video input signal is buffered to ensure all three corresponding video outputs are of equal strength and quality. UTP is shown to be more cost effective, better in quality and more common for installations for today's installation.

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