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First Alarm, Inc. is a security and fire alarm system provider in Westchester County, NY. We offer equipment and systems from Honeywell, Vista, and Lynx Product Group. Our product line includes home security systems, alarm systems, fire and smoke systems, video surveillance software, and medical monitoring technology. We don't just sell you the equipment and leave.

Our technicians offer security installation and much more. We'll always make sure you know how to maintain and use your security system. We even use a mobile application called Total Connect to help monitor the equipment from anywhere you happen to be. I had a great experience with First Alarm, Inc. The company was quick to respond and the estimate was very reasonable compared to a few other quotes.

We were able to schedule an appointment quickly and the install was a breeze. Our technician was friendly and knowledgeable. Feeling safe and secure, and grateful for peace of mind! First Alarm, Inc. can help with a variety of security and alarm needs.

read more › First Alarm, Inc. is a local security and fire alarm system provider located in Westchester County, NY. We proudly serve residents and commercial property owners with comprehensive security solutions and alarms. It is our goal to make you and your property much safer. Our technicians are proud to offer unmatched installation and service. It is our goal to make sure you can use your equipment once we leave. In addition to explaining our products and showing you how they work, we'll also provide you with materials to help you once we're gone.

read more › Westchester, NY is situated along the Hudson and the second most populated on the mainland of New York State. The county includes 6 cities, 19 towns, and 23 villages. Having a close proximity to New York City played a party in the expansion of the area. In the 19th century there was a large population growth in Westchester due to the upper-middle-class moving out of the city and into nearby communities. When it comes to crime, including burglary, auto theft, murder, assault, and more, Westchester falls below the National average.

read more › First Alarm, Inc. in Katonah, NY has all kinds of security systems to suit your needs. We have everything from fire alarm systems and home security systems to video surveillance, smoke protection, medical alert monitoring, and more. We have the security systems you need at home or work to feel safe, even when you're not there. At First Alarm, your alarm needs come first! If you are interested in having video surveillance outside of your business after a break-in or to try and prevent a break-in from happening, call our security system experts.

read more › It's no agrument to say you work hard for the things you have. So why would you want someone to take that all away from you? At First Alarm, Inc., we offer top-of-the-line home security systems to ensure you, your family, and your home are safe in the Armonk, Westchester, and Mahopac, NY areas. Your alarm system should be installed by a licensed NY state alarm technician. Only after thorough analysis of your property should the technician begin installation. It is important to consider all factors and potential restrictions before installing a system to work with your home or other type of property.

read more › Video surveillance equipment can deter theft, break-ins, and vandalism. The presence of this type of equipment is often effective enough to deter these types of damages or accidents. In this day and age, you can never be too careful. With help from our monitoring equipment, you can receive peace of mind and assurance that your property and belongings are safe even when you're not home. To make sure we install the right system for you, our surveillance team will educate you on the proper way to cover your place of interest at a price you can afford.

read more › Playing with fire is never a good idea. Neither is playing with chance. Although the odds of a fire breaking out in your property may be slim, the effects of this type of damage can be devastating. Smoke and fire restoration damage can be avoided with the proper alarm systems put in place. Fire and smoke detection systems are required in most properties to make several types of insurance valid. Since today's technology is so advanced, there are many ways to detect fire, smoke, and CO2 within your home.

read more › Peace of mind comes from planning for the unexpected. For aging and elderly people, or people who are specially abled, it is important to plan for all types of events. Get the necessary help you need at the push of a button. Our life safety medical alert units can connect you to the help you need, when you need it. We offer home installations and equipment instructions to help make it easier to use our reliable medical alert technology. Our monitoring technology allows you to keep an eye out for an aging loved one or a family member who may have special needs.

read more › There's plenty to consider when choosing the right alarm system for your home or business. For instance, are you a homeowner or renter? How long do you plan on living in your home? What's your budget? How much surveillance do you want to feel safe? Do you want a security camera? Do you want to have mobile access to control your system from anywhere? These are some points to keep in mind, among many others that our experts can bring to your attention. To ensure you make the right choice, reach out to our experienced and knowledgeable team today.

read more › According to FBI, 65% of home burglaries happen between 6am to 6pm while you are at work or at school. The most common hours for a burglary are between 10am - 3pm. Police usually only clear 13% of all reported burglaries due to lack of witnesses or physical evidence. Insurance agencies can offer discounts up to 20% for auto insurance when a home security system is installed.

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