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For nearly 50 years, Federal Protection, Inc. has protected American communities - at home, at work, and even at the bank. Every day, we work to minimize our clients' security risks and increase their operational efficiency - all while providing ever-better SERVICE through our "no boundaries" approach. To ensure unsurpassed protection services, we always Under Promise & Over Perform.

Federal Protection offers nearly 50 years of bank security expertise. Whether your institution needs a comprehensive financial security system, a custom vault, a customer-friendly ATM, or construction from the ground up, we will deliver. Protect your business with a custom, comprehensive security system from the Federal Protection experts. With more than 200 security specialists and multiple locations, we're committed to providing reliable, 24/7 security SERVICE across the United States.

At Federal Protection, we're prepared to use our financial and commercial security expertise to protect what matters most: your home and family.

read more › With nearly 50 years of security SERVICE, Federal Protection has secured a reputation for dependability and strength. Our reputation is largely due to our history of hiring security specialists who share our core company values - values like unwavering integrity, accountability, security innovation, and community involvement. What do we mean by Under Promise and Over Perform? Put simply, it's our internal rallying cry to deliver the best results possible. After all, nothing is worse than a contractor who makes big promises only to deliver disappointing results.

read more › Federal Protection, Inc. was founded in 1969 by volunteer Missouri Statesman Mel Hancock, known as the author of Missouri's tax limitation measure known as the Hancock Amendment. In the early days, Federal Protection was an alternative solutions provider for an independent bank in southwest Missouri. That first contract marked the beginning of our unwavering commitment to protect our clients and provide unmatched customer SERVICE every day. Federal Protection's current president & CEO, Kim Hancock, has grown TeamFederal from three employees to more than 275 security professionals who carry out our mission statement - "Under Promise and Over Perform" - each and every day.

read more › The Federal Response Center is the backbone of our security and surveillance services. With the latest technology and multiple layers of security, we're committed to keeping your resources secure. Instant response to security threats or emergencies - 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. In-house facility - meaning you're always speaking with a local expert without having to worry about communication barriers. Seamless SERVICE guaranteed with our fully equipped offsite secondary location, in case of an emergency at the primary response center.

read more › TeamFederal is committed to serving as a single-source solution for your financial institution, commercial business, or school. Sometimes, that starts from the ground up. That's where Federal Construction comes in. Federal Construction was originally founded in 1995 to SERVE financial institutions as a design-and-build general contracting branch of Federal Protection. Since then, Federal Construction has built strong financial institutions from the ground up, offering expert construction services and support at every phase of a construction project.

read more › Federal Protection is a trusted leader in bank security services and equipment. Our resources vary widely, from the latest ATM solutions and custom bank vaults to comprehensive electronic security systems. Branch Management Consulting: Federal Protection works with banks to ensure they're equipped with strategies to stay competitive. Branch Building and Equipping: Together, Federal Protection and Federal Construction have the tools and equipment to build and equip a bank from the ground up - all without hiring outside contractors.

read more › In the financial industry, Federal Protection is best known for two things: our proven reliability and our steadfast security. While we thrive in the security area, our 275 professionals are equally adept at other key financial SERVICE solutions. For example, we offer an exclusive Lease/Maintenance Program, which can alleviate your branch maintenance concerns and allow you to focus on your daily management responsibilities. We currently SERVICE more than 1,600 financial locations with sophisticated banking equipment.

read more › After nearly 50 years spent serving and protecting financial institutions, Federal Protection has developed an intricate understanding of the industry. We offer branch development services and bank planning designed to optimize operational efficiency and customer SERVICE. By equipping each new bank branch with the latest technologies and designing an optimal floor plan for the space, we can give your personnel more time for professional customer SERVICE. Planning and designing for a new bank branch or credit union presents choices that will impact the success of your new branch for years to come.

read more › Federal Protection is committed to serving as your one-stop shop for banking solutions. That means we don't just connect you with an ATM provider: We install, protect, and maintain your automated teller machine (ATM) with Federal Protection employees - nothing is outsourced. When it comes to financial self-service, NCR has been an industry power player for 23 years. Federal Protection has been selling and servicing NCR ATMs in the Midwest for decades. In fact, we're now the largest provider and SERVICE-driven reseller of NCR ATMs in the region.

read more › Protecting our clients' financial institutions is a critical priority for Federal Protection. Experience has shown that physical security layers provide the multi-faceted protection needed to prevent security breaches. What do those layers entail? Property Layer: The first step in implementing physical security layers is establishing a secure perimeter from your property line to the exterior of your building. Exterior Layer: Next, we make sure that the outer layer of your building is secure - including all doors, windows, and walls.

read more › Our Federal Protection security specialists are certified to install and maintain the industry's best electronic security systems. Let's face it: Financial institutions face a multitude of security risks. That's why we offer integrated security solutions complete with electronic systems for a variety of security and safety concerns. To pair you with the best system for your needs, our 275 professionals will conduct a comprehensive site assessment, customizing a security plan with the most effective solutions for your financial institution.

read more › The 275 commercial security professionals at Federal Protection have nearly 50 years of experience protecting our clients' commercial buildings. Our commercial security systems protect more than just your building - more importantly, they protect your employees and your livelihood. Whether we're customizing comprehensive commercial security systems or installing an Access Control or Physical Entry Control system, our commercial security team knows that keeping your space secure is a serious responsibility - one we'll take on with pride.

read more › Why are integrated security solutions so important to your company's day-to-day operations? Unfortunately, risks to your employees, assets, and facility come in many forms - criminal intrusion, fire, and environmental concerns are just a few examples. Unfortunately, we can't eliminate such risks entirely; however, our integrated fire and security solutions are designed to prevent crime and minimize the possibility of injury and property damage. After conducting a comprehensive site assessment, we will design custom integrated security solutions using our environmentally specific approach.

read more › Criminal break-ins into commercial sites are staggeringly common. Fortunately, our full range of custom intrusion security solutions - complete with full environmental design - mean that we can successfully prevent perimeter breaches and burglaries time and again. Our scalable security solutions allow us to fortify buildings with a wide range of entry points. Our multiple security layers and continuous monitoring will further safeguard your employees and your entire property - from perimeter to interior.

read more › Maintaining secure access control is a highly complicated business - a business at which Federal Protection excels. Our security experience spans nearly 50 years, with decades of expertise with even the earliest systems. Over the years, we've installed and serviced these systems as they've evolved. That experience gives us the the insight to create effective solutions that are easy for any company, large or small, to implement. To create your system, Federal Protection will work closely with you to define access levels and security layers before configuring the final system.

read more › At Federal Protection, we've been in the video surveillance field since the days of film reels. Thankfully, the need to scour over every frame of a big reel is well behind us. Today, digital cameras, IP cameras, and hybrid video recorders let us capture every moment, increasing your operation's efficiency. Utilizing the latest hybrid video systems, our surveillance experts can also track advanced video analytics and provide Internet accessibility so you can access your surveillance video online anywhere, any time.

read more › At Federal Protection, we understand that your security concerns go beyond property loss or building damage. Ultimately, your greatest concern is protecting your employees, particularly those whose late hours may make them vulnerable. To protect your property and your employees, you'll need a security system to prevent unauthorized entry. We also recognize that in order to run an efficient operation, you must allow authorized personnel to travel your grounds freely. Our physical entry control equipment can help protect your property while allowing your employees to work without unnecessary security restrictions.

read more › Federal Protection is the most trusted name for home security in Missouri and beyond. Years of experience serving our neighbors in Missouri and the surrounding states have shown us how essential it is to be prepared for all-too-real home safety risks like home invasion, fire, and carbon monoxide exposure. That's why we offer preventive security systems to protect your family in the most convenient, reliable way possible. Whether you're hoping to protect your family or you want to feel more comfortable living alone, our electronic security systems and professional monitoring services dramatically decrease the likelihood of a break-in, injury, or other catastrophic event.

read more › At Federal Protection, we believe we owe it to our clients and their families to consider every possible risk. Along with preventing burglaries and home invasions, our 275 residential security professionals are continually trained to recognize potential everyday safety hazards. Federal Protection offers comprehensive in-home security assessments allowing our consultants to scout out everyday safety risks like fire hazards and carbon monoxide. After evaluating your home, our consultants will customize a security plan complete with safety systems, including early warning fire detectors, medical alert systems, and smoke, heat, and natural gas detectors.

read more › Thanks to modern cameras and hybrid video recorders, residential video surveillance is more effective than ever. We're proud to offer residential video monitoring that actively records video evidence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Want to monitor your video feed remotely? We can easily equip our video systems with Internet access, allowing you to review surveillance footage from just about anywhere. Federal Protection is proud to offer residential video surveillance with digital and Internet Protocol (IP) cameras.

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