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Home Security Service For over 50 years Home Security Service, LLP has been serving Vermont and Southern New Hampshire by installing and maintaining several alarm types in homes and businesses. Back in 1969 Richard Alexander and his wife Lorraine decided that it was time for Richard to put his 13 year career of being a Vermont State Trooper behind him and start catching burglars instead of chasing them.

Soon after his graduation from High School, Richard's son, Tim started helping his dad on a full time basis. After Richard's death in 1997 Tim took over the company and it has continued to grow. With help from his sister Linda over the years and now with his son, "Tim 2" on board since his graduation in 2005, HSS has over 600 customers everywhere from Dublin, NH to Northfield, VT and has helped catch over 300 burglars!

We thank you very much for letting us provide you with the peace of mind that you, your family and belongings will be safe in your home or business. We at Home Security Service, LLP install and maintain nothing but high quality, State-Of-The-Art hardwired and wireless alarm systems.

read more › Alarm systems have changed a lot since we started installing them back in 1969. Have you seen all the commercials on TV from the big nationwide alarm, cable and cell phone companies showing people checking in on their homes with their Smartphones? Home Security Service can offer you the same thing! The newest systems we're installing today can give you the ability to control your security, lights, locks, heat, cameras and more from just about anywhere on your Smartphone or computer! Becoming Authorized Dealers with Alarm.com and NAPCO's iBridge Connected Home, we can turn any of our systems into a Smart Home controller.

read more › Are you considering a camera system for your home or business? We at Home Security Service have the solution for you! We've installed camera systems for police stations, fire departments, transfer stations, Veteran Clubs, retail stores, gas stations, town offices, apartment complexes, distribution warehouses, car dealerships, car washes, farms, mechanic shops and homes - both big and small! With over 45 years in the security industry, you can only imagine the changes we've seen with camera system technologies.

read more › Wouldn't you want the smartest technology in your home to be the alarm system that's protecting you, your family and belongings? Absolutely. As a bonus, our alarm systems can act as the controller or "hub" that we can add more smart home devices to. Have you already started building your smart home? Our systems can integrate with a lot of the top devices on the market today like; Nest, Amazon Alexa and Google Home. See "Smart Home Integration" below.

read more › It is very important to check with your local police department or town officials to see if it is required for you to register your alarm system with them. Every town is different - some require you to submit applications and pay registrations fees annually while others don't. Vermont State Police: If you live in a Vermont town that doesn't have their own police department, registration with VSP is required if you want them to respond. Bennington, VT: Registration is not required but a form is available at the station that would be kept on file.

read more › In addition to professionally installed state-of-the-art security and camera systems, we also offer SONOS wireless speakers and systems! We sell SONOS at the same price found on their own website. You can choose to easily set it up yourself or we'd be happy to help! SONOS uses your homes WiFi network to stream music, podcasts, news and more from your favorite streaming services to one or multiple speakers around your home. They can be easily controlled individually or grouped together with the SONOS app.

read more › Every year the Brattleboro Reformer has the Readers Choice Awards. They print ballots in the newspaper and offer online voting on their website for locals to vote for the "Best of." in several different categories. 2018 was the first year they listed "Best Security Service" as a category and we're honored to have received the award! Thank you to everyone that voted, it means a lot to us! I was determined to learn all I could about their services. After over 35 system installs and upgrades within 6 months and several hours of taking (and passing) their online certification course, I became a Certified Technician.

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