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You don't need to install brand new systems to fix your existing system. You don't need to sign multi-year contracts paying over $40 a month for services that cost a fraction of that to provide. I'm sharing my 50+ years of experience in the home security industry through a wealth of articles, videos, and affordable services. Alarm system monitoring is BIG business.

Many companies, and almost all the national alarm companies, will not sell, install or service an alarm system unless it is accompanied by a long term monitoring contract. When you see that companies are charging $35 - $70 per month to provide a service that is costing them $5 or less per month to provide, you begin to understand. Brinks, Protection One and ADT are owned by hedge funds.

Their primary focus is to increase the number of accounts that they monitor and thus their recurring revenue. How much money does ADT, and subsequently each of their customers, spend to be prominently displayed at every televised sporting event?

In today's world of mega-sized corporations, many of the values and relationships we enjoyed with vendors in years gone by no longer exist. My goal is to become the customer's agent in dealing with the burglar and fire alarm companies, and provide the service and installation for your unique needs and alarm systems. With over 40 years of experience

Month to Month alarm monitoring for nearly any home alarm system, utilizing a cellular network. You control who gets notified of an alarm trigger, and how - APP push, text, email, or calls. Fire alarm signals will be routed to a central monitoring station for immediate emergency response. Month to Month Contracts and only $20 a month. After researching

Russ VanDevanter has been involved in the security industry in the Pacific Northwest since 1969. He installed and monitored over 15,000 alarm systems through his company Security Holdings from 1984-1996. Alarm Monitoring Service (AMS), which Russ founded in 1975, was the Northwest's largest central station monitoring company. Russ has been a long time

Property protection is the easier of the two types of protection to evaluate. It is primarily "objective" as it takes into consideration the operating statistics of burglaries and the observed methods of operation of burglars. 90% of burglars gain entrance through unlocked doors and windows. Once inside, the first action a burglar takes is to open an

How much time and money is budgeted to this project? Will this be a wired system, wireless or combination of both? Wired systems are by far the least expensive equipment-wise but significantly more labor intensive. Wireless on the other hand is fairly quick to install but the equipment cost is higher. If you are installing your own alarm system and

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