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Enhance your home and lifestyle with simple, yet sophisticated control of music, video, lights, climate and more. Our Smart Home Experts can design an easy to use robust system around your budget and needs. Enhanced Home Systems is your premier source for all the finest high-tech amenities. From home theater to high-end security, we develop custom designs that suit your taste, your lifestyle and your budget.

Integrate all of your home's automation features with robust, lightning-fast connectivity delivered by cutting-edge home networking systems. Design the ultimate in comfort and convenience with automated control over your security system, thermostat, entertainment, lighting, and more. Enhance your entertainment experience with state-of-the-art TVs, speakers, projectors, and theater receivers that are designed to impress.

We offer multiple design and installation services catered to the needs of discerning homeowners. Whether you want expert, comprehensive design and installation, or you prefer getting your hands a little dirty, our three-tier approach features a plan for you.

read more › Are you looking to upgrade your home? Not quite sure how much assistance you need or want? At Enhanced Home Systems, we know each homeowner is unique, and so are their needs, preferences, and abilities. Since we first started serving Twin Cities homeowners in 1989, we realized there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to home automation. So, to better meet the needs of each homeowner we serve, we developed our custom, 3-tier service approach. You decide the level of service you want, and we deliver it.

read more › Since our inception in 1989, we've delivered technologically advanced systems to thousands of homeowners throughout the Twin Cities metro. We like to think of ourselves as pioneers in the industry, forging the way for home automation companies throughout our great state. Longevity and long-standing customer relationships have always been the name of our game. We're proud to say we've designed and installed comprehensive automation systems in many of the finest custom homes, both locally and nationally.

read more › A home security system is commonly comprised of various components, including a professionally monitored or self monitored security system and video surveillance hardware. Typical ingredients may include various intrusion sensors on entry points into the home, motion or glass break sensors, and life safety devices such as smoke and CO2 detectors. Another vital element is the CCTV video system. In order to document or deter any undesired events that may occur, you will need home security cameras that can see and record the event and the perpetrator.

read more › Security Cameras have become an integral component in many residential and commercial security systems. Camera systems are typically used in commercial installations; however their popularity in residential applications has soared in recent years. Their use is primarily suited to loss prevention and crime deterrence, although CCTV equipment may be used to observe a child's play area, pool, or even to check in on the family pet. Surveillance systems may be set to operate continuously or only as needed.

read more › A strong home network is the backbone of your internet connectivity, and is also the communication highway that other systems, such as home automation or lighting control, require. Devices such as printers, smartphones, tablets, video games, TV's, blurays, and many other devices often become more powerful and capable when given the ability to interact. Additional capacity can be used to increase the quality of life inside your home in a variety of ways, such as automation of repetitious tasks, and easier access to entertainment.

read more › Who doesn't love being in control? Today's smart home automation features give you total authority over every aspect of your home's electronics. From adjusting your lighting via verbal command to effortlessly activating your favorite tunes, you decide when, where, and how your smart home systems operate. A full system integration allows you to effortlessly merge all of your smart home features for a remarkably intuitive automation experience. Want to tell your thermostat to adjust the heat before you arrive home from work?

read more › Home Automation is a solution that allows various electronic components you already use on a daily basis to work together seamlessly. With the coming of the Smartphone and Tablet, these can be used to enhance your lifestyle keeping everything in your home just a touch away. Automation systems are commonly used in many homes and businesses today. At Enhanced Home Systems, we offer several of the top Home Automation Systems in the industry, including Control4, RTI, ProControl, and others. Our resume already includes home theater, audio and video distribution, security, computer networking, and lighting control, giving us the best position to bring these technologies into a singular, intelligent operating system at the behest of our clients.

read more › Electronic shading systems provide precision control of daylight. Daylight has a quality that humans understand on an emotional level. Colors, finishes and textures are more accurately seen, and a certain exhilaration fills us when our environment is immersed in daylight. At Enhanced Home Systems, we offer the top Shade Controls in the industry, Lutron Shades and QMotion. Both offer many different product styles. Contact us to discuss the options we offer, and take control of your lighting environment!

read more › At Enhanced Home Systems, we offer only the best Lighting Control Systems in the industry, all of which are made by Lutron. Providing wired and wireless systems, Lutron products are capable of lighting up your home theater or your whole house. Enhanced Home Systems expert staff can help you design the optimal lighting control solution for your home or business. Tell us what you want or need your system to do and we will design and present you with the best fit for your needs. Consultation, design, installation and support - we provide the complete package for your complete satisfaction!

read more › Achieve effortless, precise climate control and hands-off home protection with smart thermostats and smoke detectors from Enhanced Home Systems. Say farewell to the days of manual climate control adjustments and clunky smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. With our advanced, automated thermostats and smart smoke detectors, total control is yours with just a touch. Whether you want hands-off voice command or prefer remote smartphone control, at Enhanced Home Systems, we can make your vision a reality.

read more › There is no single "multi-room audio-in-a-box" solution, so we meticulously select the gear that is best suited for the task at hand. Our design team knows which questions to ask and we listen to what you have to say. Once a system roadmap has been created, we will present you with the equipment options that can accomplish your goal. We invite you to give Enhanced Home Systems an opportunity to do it right!

read more › A home theater system is more than just a giant screen, a few speakers, and a couple rows of comfy seating. A well-designed theater system is an all-encompassing entertainment experience, enjoyed from the comfort and security of your own home. Whether it's time for the big game, a family movie night, or even a binge session of your favorite new series, you don't have to settle for run-of-the-mill. At Enhanced Home Systems, we have the products and installation experience you need to take your entertainment experience from ordinary to outstanding.

read more › When purchasing a new television that will become the centerpiece of your entertainment endeavors, you will need to understand the technology to some extent as well as the sea of options available. One of the first things to determine is what type of television best fits your needs. With video technologies changing at a rapid pace, our staff is well versed in all of these display technologies, and is happy to explain, and demonstrate to help our clients make the right buying decision for their needs.

read more › A good projector is key to any good home theater, conference room, auditorium, or classroom. At Enhanced Home Systems, we offer most of the top Home Theater Projector brands in the industry, including Sony, and Epson. Matching these with projector screens by the two of the most regarded names in the industry - Stewart and Dalite will give you an eye popping experience! Projector installation is a specialized service we provide, as it requires a thorough understanding of the many variables involved in optimizing projector performance in many diverse environments.

read more › Multi-Room Video Distribution is a centralized system that allows playback and control of video content throughout an entire home or building. Current whole house video systems rely mostly on HDMI distribution equipment, in the form of splitters, baluns, or matrixes that can route various sources to different displays. A whole house video system often has a number of display devices throughout the residence, and control options may include keypad controllers, touch panel / LCD controllers or app-based operation from a smart phone or tablet.

read more › The heartbeat of any home theater system is the Audio-Video Receiver. Providing multiple channels of amplification, this can be one of the most crucial pieces of equipment for your system. Impressive visuals without equally remarkable audio is like eating pancakes without syrup-having one without the other is just so unsatisfying. Fortunately, you don't have to live like that (and we'd never want you to). At Enhanced Home Systems, we bring you the best audio in the business, delivered by legendary Dolby engineering.

read more › With the TV and Projector bringing you amazing view, and the Receiver being the brains of a system. Speakers will immerse you in your viewing experience. Sound will bring your room to life! Whether you are doing a media room, 2-Channel listening room, or want music for your next outdoor pool party, we can help. Improving your audio experience doesn't necessarily mean you need a complicated, multi-unit setup. Depending on your space and audio preferences, a high-quality soundbar may be a practical, effective, and space-saving solution for your entertainment needs.

read more › At Enhanced Home Systems, we're here to help you cut the cord, so you can implement the entertainment services that meet your needs. These days, cable and satellite services are rife with infomercials, commercials, and hundreds of channels you don't need or want. We'll help you get rid of the services that no longer serve you, so you get only the entertainment you want-when you want it. Do you want to break up with your cable or satellite provider? Perhaps your once happy relationship has soured over time?

read more › Engaged Electric is the power house (pun intended) behind Enhanced Home Systems. Since 2000, we've offered solutions for a wide range of residential and commercial electrical needs relating to planning, wiring, and installation. Contact us today for electrical services in the Twin Cities area, including lighting, appliances, mechanical systems, main electrical panels, and more! We plan and wire for all appliances, heating & cooling, lighting features, switching & controls. Take total control of your home lighting with programmable smart home lighting systems that operate at your command.

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