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King Communications Heriot-Watt University and the British Geological Survey wanted to create a European Leading Research Centre where newly deployed systems would be required to cope with a wide range of environmental and operational demands. King Communications & Security provided flexible access control solutions for the ease of key staff members, robust data structures were used to provide durability in a demanding research environment, coping with exposure to various elements as well as data volume.

We're flexible to the differing needs of the education sector having designed and installed systems across large and bespoke projects for institutes such as Heriot Watt University. Working extensively with the NHS as well as a number of private organisations, King Communications & Security are experienced providers of integrated solutions suited to the demands of healthcare driven environment.

Products such as IP CCTV can be extremely useful in cutting down fraud in retail. Point of sale CCTV systems can significantly reduce shrinkage as they stop problems such as "sweet-hearting".

read more › As visionary for King, Martyn focuses on the strategic growth of the business, keeping the organisation at the forefront of technology development. With over 25 years industry experience, a BEng and MSC in IT, Martyn designed the organisation's management software enabling projects, maintenance and estimating to be delivered in line and on time. Managing the day to day running of King Communications & Security as well as overseeing all aspects of HR and accounts, Lynne keeps the maintenance and administration team up to speed in the business's fast-paced environment and brings edge to our processes and decision making.

read more › King Communications & Security Ltd, design and install IP Networked Security, Building Infrastructure, Fire & Life Safety and Healthcare systems. Operating for over 25 years and having installed Scotland's first law enforcement security camera in 1991, we thrive on using imagination to provide innovative, future-proof and scalable solutions to a wide range of household name clients. We are certified, audited and accredited across a wide range of trade associations and partners, allowing us to provide installations that meet the highest British and European standards.

read more › As one of a selected few Notifier By Honeywell Gold Partners in Scotland, King Communications & Security Ltd work closely with the source of fire technology, keeping staff training and fire system design at the industry's forefront. Milestone Systems are innovators in Security Video Management Software. Achieving Milestone Systems Platinum Partner status has been driven by the creation of European Award Winning bespoke project design. Axis Communications are pioneers of the world's first network camera.

read more › Following the success of our previous events, we hosted our 8th annual Conference & Exhibition in 2015. The event provided delegates with the tools to create innovative technology solutions for their business and featured leading and pioneering organisations in their field. Covering a wealth of content across presentations, CPD, insights and demonstrations, the conference proved to be a great source of information and resource for delegates looking to keep abreast of industry development or find solutions to current or future project needs.

read more › King Communications & Security founded on providing quality security systems to both large and small scale projects. Now 30 years on, we provide a host of innovative and integrated solutions in IP Networked Security, Fire & Life Safety, Building Infrastructure and Healthcare Systems combined. Incorporating quality and compliant design, whilst maintaining and enhancing building character through our product's versatility, we always look to the project's future, enabling the provision of scalability and flexibility with each service offered.

read more › King Communications & Security have installed door entry systems on large and small scale projects, utilising the latest technology to offer stylish contemporary design, installed across an IP network with the option to integrate across mobile and tablet devices. King Communications & Security have configured numerous door entry solutions for buildings and gated communities to specification that incorporate scalability, building character and budget as well as any additional equipment required.

read more › Staff safety is of the utmost importance to every business operating in a sensitive or volatile environment. Having a steadfast and quality system in place plays a crucial role in maintaining stability and control in these environments whilst protecting staff members in the process. King Communications & Security can provide Staff Safety Alarms, Panic Alarms and Personal Activation Devices. Personal Activation Devices are among our most popular products, enabling employees to have a device on their person at all times and following activation of either the Assistance or Attack settings, an alarm is displayed across system devices throughout the building so that appropriate support can be directed.

read more › Intruder alarms are now viewed as a mature technology forming the basis of security in business and domestic properties. Changes to policies by the Police and British Standards have introduced increased legislative measures for the control of false alarms and Police response. King Communications & Security can offer cost effective intruder alarm system specific to individual client needs, providing peace of mind in the security of their premises or residence. By matching the rigorous standards for alarm installation, our clients receive an SSAIB certified system that will entitle them to a discount from most insurance firms (*dependent on individual insurers and the category of systems installed).

read more › Having installed Scotland's first law enforcement security camera in 1991, we've moved alongside technology's development, providing scalable IP technology surveillance solutions which now replace traditional analogue systems. We'll connect the IP Surveillance system to your nearest network access point, reducing requirements for new cable installation and enabling integration with new or existing access control or door entry systems across the site. By integrating your IP CCTV with existing systems, clients are able to initiate responses following incidents highlighted through footage.

read more › Electronic access control is the most efficient and convenient way of securing your building and assets. It allows you to control multiple access privileges site wide, eliminating the need for keys that can be lost, stolen or duplicated, causing enhanced security risks and additional costs. We've installed access control systems throughout large student accommodation facilities, university campuses, small office buildings, and public schools. Your locks will never need to be changed in the event of a break-in.

read more › Effective and reliable communication and system structures are paramount to any business. We supply a diverse range of solutions in the building and communications sphere including Audio/ Visual, IP TV, Structured Cabling, Digital Signage, Unified communications, Telephony Systems and Network Infrastructure. We'll work with you to advise on a system that is fit for purpose and growth potential, providing a solid foundation for core business communications both internally and externally. King Communications & Security partner with organisations at the forefront of technology design, through this we offer quality, dynamic and innovative system solutions to suit each individual project's needs.

read more › King Communications & Security Ltd can provide any client with an individual solution to their networking needs. With large scale open protocol IP based systems, there are endless integration possibilities. Systems can be connected together to add value, provide higher ROI and aid ease of use for end users with finger-tip access to information from a range of systems. The installation of a secure network infrastructure is key crucial for any business to ensure that they have secure internal and external communications.

read more › We offer the very latest in Telecommunication technologies from basic business telephone system through to digital call recording. To help drive an efficient process we can offer many methods of saving. The latest technology evolution over the last few years has been 'Voice over Internet Protocol' (VOIP) switches. This is telephony utilising internet connectivity to save call charges. This might not save all companies money at present but in the future this will be the main method of telephone calls.

read more › Communications are the core of any business. We understand that your business requires efficient and effective communications to drive the image and perception of your organisation. We can help you create a solution that will drive the efficiency of your communications and give a lasting impression to your clients. We offer the very latest in telecommunication technologies from core business telephone systems through to digital call recording. Heriot-Watt University and the British Geological Survey wanted to create a European Leading Research Centre where newly deployed systems would be required to cope with a wide range of environmental and operational demands.

read more › Heriot-Watt University and the British Geological Survey wanted to create a European Leading Research Centre where newly deployed systems would be required to cope with a wide range of environmental and operational demands. As part of an updated security strategy, Leverndale Hospital looked to install a future-proof solution for their Nurse Call and Staff Attack systems. Working with King Communications & Security's expertise, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde wanted to develop an advanced security system at the site that would improve cross-site accessibility and provide a safer working environment for staff members.

read more › Data and network cabling form the basis for most businesses to communicate through voice and data. A high performance network is imperative in ensuring the efficiency of these services over a structured network and also for the long term growth and expansion of your business. It is crucial that appropriate planning is performed to prevent haphazard growth of the network. During the design process, we ensure that the network installation meets our client's needs for the foreseeable future by offering a versatile and scalable solution.

read more › Communal Aerial systems are becoming commonplace to ensure that either commercial properties or apartment blocks receive the clearest and high quality TV signals. Communal aerials now offer Sky and Sky+ in addition to standard digital service. The whole area of an apartment block can be covered by a communal aerial system utilising only a single aerial or Sky dish. We will completely specify the systems from the concept and design right through to the installation, cabling and full site commissioning.

read more › We provide Fire and Life Safety Systems to organisations across multiple sectors and have become a recognised and trusted provider of comprehensive, compliant and certified design for Addressable Fire Alarms, Public Address Voice Alarm Systems, Emergency Voice Communication System, Disabled Toilet Alarms, Deaf Alert Paging and Aspirating Smoke Detection. King Communications & Security understand the importance of providing a safe environment within day to day business operations, we deliver best practice as standard to any project, big or small and set ourselves apart by providing quality where it matters most, in protecting and saving lives.

read more › Fire safety is a crucial part of ensuring public well-being, however, improper installation and maintenance of a system can lead to unnecessary costs from false alarms and wasted resource. King Communications & Security provide Aspirating Smoke Detection to British Standards, working with partners such as Notifier by Honeywell to install quality detectors that utilise sensitive filtration to identify early signs of smoke. Aspirating Smoke Detection allows businesses to manage incidents from early warning signals, enabling teams to identify false alarm triggers without the disruption of full system alerts.

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