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We take pride in protecting our clients lives and property. We are committed to providing you with quality service that you deserve for your burglar alarm, fire alarm, camera surveillance systems, medical alert and low voltage needs. State of Florida requires all alarm companies, installers and techs, to be licensed or at a minimum be BASA certified.

All employees must present a photo ID and state license or certification when asked, including sales men, installers and techs. Hiring an unlicensed contractor in the state of Florida is illegal and punishable to both the consumer (home owner / business owner) and also the unlicensed contractor. In the mid and late '90s when some larger nationwide companies were buying up local alarm companies, we did not sell out, unlike some other companies that sold for the financial gain.

We did not because we don't see you as a dollar sign. We care about you, our clients, and have worked in Florida non stop without disruption since the 80's to provide you with excellent service, quality and punctuality only a professional can.

read more › In the ever changing world of electronics and computers, the alarm industry is no exception. The technology is changing to provide more convenience for homeowners and business owners to check in on their homes and employees from anywhere. We use high end quality components and equipment, not the low end equipment some competitors use. With Total Connect Service you can know when your business is open or closed or know what time your manager opens the store, know if a manager/boss closes early. Know if your warehouse/storage room is occupied during restricted hours.

read more › We use industry name brand quality equipment, not the low end kit cameras from the big box stores. See who's at your front door, if packages arrive, check on housekeepers, and elderly parents. Provide a secure business for your employees, assets and merchandise with a video surveillance camera system. Record the entry points, warehouse, loading dock, stock room, show room floor. Protect your business from frivolous lawsuits like staged slip and falls, theft, and absentee employees with a camera system.

read more › If your alarm triggers and goes off, the Central Station calls you to determine if it is a false alarm. Unlike some other companies, we do not charge you a fee if the Central Station calls you and it is a false alarm. If the police show up on site at your premises, and it is a false alarm - no burglary occurred, the police will charge you a fine after a predetermined (check county ordinance for your city) amount of false alarms. Some companies charge you for the Central Station calling you if it is a false alarm.

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