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Rfi Electornics With over four decades of technical innovation, thousands of successful installations, and the appreciation of relationships developed and fostered with our clients, RFI continues to evolve as a leader in the integrated security and life safety solutions industry. We approach your business challenges from an elevated 360-degree vantage point, applying the latest products, services, and technologies to develop comprehensive, effective and optimized security and life safety solutions.

The landscape we live and work in is incredibly dynamic. What was once were considered standard operating procedures are now either top priorities or no longer relevant to current business conditions. At RFI, we work hard to stay ahead of the relevancy curve and calibrate at a pace beyond the ordinary. We are curious and listen intently to our client's perspectives.

And, although we are the experts, we believe collaboration and understanding are keys to success. We are proud to share our bright minds, innovative technologies and a suite of comprehensive intelligent service solutions that help you create safe, secure, and healthy business environments.

At RFI, we define ourselves as curators of safety, security, and technology. It's a big responsibility and we are built for it. We are constructed as a team of well-trained people passionate about our industry, your business, and the well-being and safety of others. RFI works proudly in a unique culture where the intersection of purpose, technology

At RFI, we capture the purpose and intelligence of individual security and life safety system technologies and strategically bring them together to create powerful integrated platforms. Succinctly, we grasp the complicated and complex and transform them into the simple and relevant. It gives us the ability to provide you with comprehensive and scaled

RFI is truly fortunate to have a team of leaders committed to the growth of our people and the delivery of our mission. Accomplished in their own industry expertise and business acumen, the RFI Leadership Team shares a common purpose of delivering innovative, elevated approaches to integrated security and life safety solutions, services, and support

Philanthropy, altruism, good will, benevolence, humanity, and compassion are all words and actions shared by the RFI Team. But when you sum it up, simply, we deeply care about people. That's a big part of what makes the RFI culture so unique and special. We are proud to express our own united values with the communities we serve. For RFI's 40th Anniversary

RFI believes in doing things right and doing the right things. First and foremost, RFI has earned and maintains all the licenses required by law to conduct our business in a prudent and professional manner. Moreover, members of our team have earned many industry specific credentials and contribute to relevant organizations of thought leadership. RFI

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