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Intralogic Solutions We're the Security Technology Company where our name is at the heart of what we do. No accident - it's by design. Intra (Within), Logic (Reasoning) and Solutions (Systems): Our approach has redefined security technology when safety and control matter most. We meet the challenges of constantly evolving threats by blending cutting-edge technology with best practices and dedication.

read more › Lee Mandel is the dynamic CEO of IntraLogic Solutions LLC, a national leader in security technology solutions for schools and school districts, utility companies, mass transportation authorities, government agencies, and large business enterprises. He is recognized as one of the nation's foremost experts on school and community security technology. IntraLogic Solutions is headquartered in Massapequa, New York, with offices in Albany, NY, and in Florida. IntraLogic is growing and provides comprehensive security technology services for over 2,000 schools and 150 school districts nationally.

read more › Below you will find a list of some of the various partners and affiliates that we have strategically aligned ourselves with throughout all of our years of business. We choose our partners and affiliates based upon their reputations in their respective industries, their importance to their industry or community, as well as there overall commitment to product and service quality, and of course, general customer service. If you would like to learn more about any of our partners and affiliates, please visit them at their websites or feel free to contact us here as ILS to ask any further questions.

read more › IntraLogic Solution provides a variety of security services & solutions to Educational Institutions across the New York Tri-State Area. We're conveniently listed on the New York State OGS Contract #PT64345. This allows school districts to purchase goods and services directly from us, without having to go through the time-consuming bid process. With the challenging fiscal struggles New York State School District faces from tight budgets and limited funding, we understand that security falls on the list of educational priorities.

read more › ILS can help you monitor transportation staff and prevent theft or crime by providing a complete CCTV & Surveillance System. This includes video management and analytics, we also have expertise in mobile wireless video for bus applications. ILS can provide you with an advanced access control and perimeter detection system to manage the flow of people and restrict access throughout your building. We also provide elevator control systems, physical and optical turnstiles, and parking and vehicle management.

read more › IntraLogic Solutions offers a variety of security services & solutions to all types of businesses. We stay on top of the ever-changing technology in the security world, to remain current with the latest and greatest products. We work with several manufactures to insure we can offer the proper solution for your specific needs. Our Installation technicians are licensed and qualified to provide the highest level of service. In today's tight economy, we understand that security sometimes sits on the back burner.

read more › The ALERT platform features a number of tactical aids, real-time cameras and mapping tools to assist law enforcement during a crisis. With the help of dedicated dispatchers, officers can respond faster, more efficiently and more strategically in their approach. ALERT automatically transmits the user's physical location and profile, including medical information and emergency contacts. With help on the way, all involved parties receive a mass notification to provide further safety instructions. Immediately notifies security decision-makers, enabling law enforcement to respond to threats in real-time, before shots fired.

read more › Easily leverage existing equipment as part of an enhanced and centrally managed security platform. We'll seamlessly integrate it all for smoother operations and peace of mind. At IntraLogic Solutions everything we do is customized. After meeting with your team and assessing your existing security equipment, status and needs, we go to work. The ILS team of security pros designs a comprehensive, state-of-the-art, full-featured solution tailored to your environment and culture. A smart security solution that's built for you, responding to what you need today and to serve you far into the future.

read more › Video-Centric Monitoring, flexible access control and state-of-the-art video intrusion alarm verification. Upon receiving a signal, trained ILS staff verifies and follows client provided SOP to dispatch, call or text a call list, or provide further information including live video, camera snapshots, etc. ILS can monitor building sensors including temperature, flame, water, occupancy, and more following client provided SOP's. Which will then dispatch, a call or text a call list, or provide further info including live video, still shots and more.

read more › Initiate a customized series of planned, coordinated and executed actions to notify and send help. Also to communicate with your community in an orderly, efficient fashion to decrease the level of panic, confusion or delay, from numerous devices. One-Button LockDown does it all; it is fully compatible with existing card access and security camera systems, and can easily be added or integrated as an upgrade to almost any existing security system. The nature of a crisis may be impossible to predict, but you can prepare for it with a broad range of options allowing for a comprehensive LockDown.

read more › The ILS team of in-house developers has designed and engineered the next generation of state-of-the-art surveillance products, all installed, monitored, serviced, and supported by dedicated professionals. Monitored at our Incident Awareness Center or by your on-site team, cameras installed in all critical areas deliver the highest definition for superior visibility in all conditions. Scalable with up to 32 cameras per server and customizable up to 128, ILS VMS is an ideal solution when an open platform and all-in-one solution is desired.

read more › It begins with limiting who has access to the facility, at what times, and in which areas. Smart electronic access control solutions offer remote accessibility and allow system administrators to maintain and update the system in real time - 24/7/365. Easily add or delete users, create and change schedules, establish or revise security levels, and print detailed activity reports. An ideal addition to any access control solution, a visitor management system provides an additional layer of security in controlling who accesses your facility.

read more › Traditionally implemented to detect unauthorized intruders and forced entries, with simple door contacts and motion detectors IntraLogic Solutions takes it further with additional components. The latest additions include environmental sensors, panic alarms, beam detection, vibration sensors, and glass break detection. A Fire Alarm system is vital to safety. ILS will design, implement, and install a fire alarm system to ensure every NFPA, state, and local municipal regulation is satisfied. Our engineers will recommend device types and locations from a wide range of panel manufacturers, and available central station monitoring alerts you when an alarm is triggered, all at a very competitive price.

read more › Security threats today are increasingly real and the consequences of inaction are potentially horrific. At ILS we don't just talk about it - we take action that puts people before profit. Beginning with providing you the information needed to make the right decisions to thoughtfully and confidently develop the optimal policies to protect lives and property. Our highest priority is the protection of your facility and the safety of your community, and to do it, we conduct a thorough review and walk-through to evaluate areas for electronic and physical security.

read more › Our children's well-being and our community's confidence that they are being taught in a safe environment is paramount. Today we are constantly reminded that schools throughout the United States are plagued with the threat of deadly violence. These national events have awakened us to the need for an increased focus on school safety. We must ensure a secure learning environment while maintaining the integrity of an open educational setting and a comfortable atmosphere for students, staff and family.

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