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Rose Stone First by updating or managing your IP service for increasing demands of Home office and Streaming. 2. We can use various remote management tools to complete and install (or update) without ever being in your home or office. New practices will include remote configuration (to your specs) and delivery or shipment to your door. Pick up a phone or laptop and we will be right with you to install.

3. Design and Project management - With new tools we can quickly provide a detailed drawing of your project and specifications to get 'Apple' to 'Apple' proposals. Download our Questionnaire and we will respond with a Project Proposal for completion or a Design/Spec for the local integrators if desired. This will depend on the scope of your project.

Standard building practice now includes plans and spec's. It should be the same for the Automation (Low Voltage) of your project. Prices start at $100 for initial project analysis. Our 15 years experience in Automation with all types of projects will help us guide you to a better experience with creating a "Smart" home or business.

Rose Stone uses advanced HD IP cameras and equipment to give you real-time surveillance and security - anywhere, any time. Monitor key areas around your property at any time from your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer. With a single touch on our Mobile App, have full control of security cameras - zoom, tilt, pan and capture images at any time. Be notified

Save energy costs - the Nest Learning Thermostat 'learns' and automatically adjusts your temperature settings. Set dimmers, timers, lights, shades and music to make the house appear occupied while you are away. You can transform your family room into a state-of-the-art home theater. Watch TV, access your Blu-ray/movie collection, or enjoy your entire

Access music from any source in any room, so every instructor can create his or her favorites. Join The Aria Resort & Casino - Las Vegas (one of our recent projects) and begin to benefit from a customized hospitality package. With our Control4 automated systems you can create the perfect guest experience and reduce high energy costs at the same time

RoseStone had the privilege of working with Control4 to complete the installation of Control4 Suite Systems in every room at the Aria Hotel. Direct every aspect of your room with a single touch-screen control. Custom programming with the free "MyHome" App enables the College Street Brewhouse complete 'One-Touch' control from an iPad, iPhone, Android

With the convenience of the Alexa far-field voice recognition, Control4, not only allows every member of the family to control everything in the entire home by remote control, touch screen, mobile device, a keypad, but now with VOICE RECOGNITION. For example, with one voice command such as, "Alexa, turn off the house", you can turn off the lights, lock

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