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Designed by BAKSON(R), PC Patrol(R) is a Physical Intrusion Detection System for home and office security. A unique wireless hardware design that works with your computer to make it a burglar alarm system. Yes, a wireless security system with No monthly fees that works with your computer. Set up wireless motion detectors at your office or home and convert your PC to a wireless alarm security system in minutes.

PC Patrol(R) has two security zones, perfect for any office, home, apartment, pharmacy, school, and data server rooms. Motion is detected in a zone based on a motion detector (infrared) not a camera, offering you more privacy. PC Patrol(R) alerts you of movement activity by sending alert messages to your pager or cell phone, capture video and use sound files to alert you if someone enters your office.

Order the Value Pack for $199 Today, Includes one Wireless Infrared Motion Detector. Designed for all Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Operating Systems: Windows 2000/ XP & NT Servers. All trademarks, service marks, and trade names referenced in this material are the property of their respective owners.

read more › We continue looking forward to serving you. BAKSON(R) is a privately owned corporation located in Huntington Beach, California USA. Founded by its president Mr. Kamal Fansa, in 1995. The company continue to advance in the Information Technology market and battles the ups and downs of the IT industry. BAKSON(R) has developed and patented a technology for physical intrusion detection hardware using the PC for home and office security. Today, PC Patrol(R) continues to excite security seekers looking for new ways to secure their home and office.

read more › PC Patrol(R), A wireless security system using the PC for home and office security. Captures video and get notified by pager or cell phone only when motion detectors are triggered. Converts any PC into a powerful wireless security System in minutes. PC Patrol(R) can capture video from any two independent video inputs (USB Cameras, Wireless Cameras, Video Capture Boards, etc.) Up to 30 frames per second from both cameras at the same time. Video files directly saved to the hard drive in. Avi format.

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