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Verified home security response alarm systems are crucial to your family's safety, and if your alarm system looks like this it does not. We're not always going to be friends with those we live next to but it's helpful to help each other out. If we come together we can make. We live in a day when we can buy almost anything online and have it delivered straight to our home.

It's fast, convenient and you don't.

read more › Police respond much faster when they know an intruder is in the home! Our systems can verify if the wind blew the door open or if there is a actual burglar in your home. Because of the way that panels like these operate the national average response time for police to arrive at the alarm is 40 minutes. Criminals are long gone by then. I call it a feel good system. It makes you feel good but it does not do it's job the way it should. Our security systems don't rely on landline phone connections that can be cut.

read more › With our high-quality camera systems you'll always be able to check in on your home and family from anywhere. Plus, visible cameras can be a deterrent against crime. Let's face it, we live in or around the greater Houston Area where theft happens often. In 2015 there were over 19,000 burglaries and 66,000 thefts in Houston. Our commercial camera systems will help you keep an eye open for uninvited guests and suspicious activity. With features such as facial recognition, 1080P-4K recording, night vision, vandal resistance, motion alerts and the ability to view live video feed on your smartphone our commercial grade systems are a significant step toward theft prevention and the safety of your family and/or business from unforeseen situations.

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