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What is peace of mind worth to you? You have locks on all the windows, bolts for all the doors. But in today's day and age, that's hardly enough. To truly protect your home and business, you need a trusted security company that can provide guaranteed security installations, and monitor what's important to you, day and night. You need someone who will be there in case of emergency to give you the service and support.

You need Asheboro Fire & Security, your Honeywell Authorized Security Dealer! Can you put a price on your family's safety? Do what it takes to protect your home and everything you've worked to build with one of our top-quality residential security systems. We are a Honeywell Home Premier Security Dealer! In a medical emergency, timing is everything.

Asheboro Fire & Security offers the latest medical monitoring technology to ensure an almost-immediate response time. I apologize, I did not realize it was after 9:00 when I called but I'm sure glad you answered. We have been really satisfied with our alarm system and the service.

read more › Asheboro Fire & Security is an old company with a new name. We started out as the alarm division of Asheboro Key, Lock & Alarms, Inc. Charlie Anderson founded the company in 1931, but at that time it was known as Asheboro Key & Lock Shop. Bill Wright purchased the company from Charlie Anderson in 1980. Bill was already installing alarm systems, so he merged the two companies and offered both services under the name Asheboro Key, Lock & Alarms, Inc. The President/Owner of Asheboro Fire & Security, Darwin Smith, started working with Asheboro Key, Lock & Alarms in 1985 and went on to become the alarm division manager as the business grew.

read more › When it comes to safety and security for your home or business, you need a company that can do it all. You need true professionals that can work with almost every setup - commercial or residential - test everything, and walk you through the information you need to achieve total peace of mind. Without that promise, you could be paying more for less. That could be dangerous. Our company offers you the personalized security setups and exceptional 24-hour monitoring services you deserve. We have teams of trained, licensed professionals that will always be there for you to get things up and running and go beyond the standard experience.

read more › Your home is where you should always feel safe. From the time you wake up, to when you're off to work, to when you get home to have dinner, you should never feel that your home isn't your refuge. But without security and automated alert systems, you're only so safe. The truth is, in the United States, a home is burglarized every 12 seconds. Often times, priceless possessions with great sentimental value are taken and never seen again. Pro Series is the newest addition to the storied Honeywell Home/Resideo line of Home Security and Automation.

read more › Asheboro Fire & Security have teamed up with security industry giant Honeywell Home to bring you the next integrated evolution in home and business security automation! Named Resideo Total Connect Services, this setup lets you control every aspect of your security system from the palm of your hand. Adjust your thermostats, lighting, even locks while you are away without ever having to worry. Total Connect is the ultimate in both convenience and control and available from us. Once you set up Resideo Total Connect with Asheboro Fire & Security, we put your world at your fingertips.

read more › The best way to keep your business secure is with a professionally-installed security system from Asheboro Fire & Security! Statistics show that a business without a security system is 4.5 times more likely to be burglarized than those businesses that have security systems. Those odds can be beat with a state-of-the-art security system from us. Asheboro Fire & Security, your local Honeywell Authorized Security Dealer, stays on top of all the leading technology in our industry. We customize your commercial/industrial security system according to your specific needs, and provide wired and wireless security systems that will meet any situation that may arise.

read more › When it comes to theft in the workplace, the great majority does not come from burglars, but from employees. In fact, the US Chamber of Commerce estimates that about 30% of all business failures are traced back to employee theft. They either don't have the resources, or they simply don't consider the people who work for them thieves. At Asheboro Fire & Security, we know better. We've seen companies suffer this kind of loss, first hand, and look to us for a state-of-the-art surveillance system to stop that loss.

read more › Do you know who entered your business today? Do you know if they work for you? A competitor? With an access control system from Asheboro Fire & Security your Honeywell Authorized Security Dealer, you would! Our company offers access control system that will increase employee protections and property safety. With a system from us, you can control which door employees have access to, and at what time those employees can have access. This means the right people can enter to complete projects and carry out the day-to-day tasks while your information simultaneously stays safe.

read more › Given the choice, most seniors and persons with medical conditions would prefer to live in their own homes. Unfortunately, that's not always possible. But for many, this ideal scenario can become a reality with a medical alert system from Asheboro Fire & Security! Our company offers our clients the most advanced medical alert setups in the industry today. We provide stylish pendants you can wear in a variety of ways to keep you secure, safe, and connected. Sport one on your wrist. Drape one around your neck.

read more › Fire moves fast. Open windows, open doors - fire will do whatever it can, move wherever it needs to, in order to feed on oxygen. Often times, this means burning through your home or your business while consuming everything in its path. But you can prevent this type of catastrophe from happening by getting the best fire alarm systems in the business. You can prevent these total disasters by putting your trust in Asheboro Fire & Security. Asheboro Fire & Security is the area's first and best choice for residential and commercial fire alarm systems.

read more › If you are a commercial or residential client with high-value assets or vehicle, you need a way to protect them, track them, and always keep them close. As one of our newest and most modern options, GPS Tracking from Asheboro Fire & Security goes beyond the normal options that our company provides, and offers so much more. With GPS Tracking, you can work with linked-in networks of true professionals who will monitor the situation of your valuables from centralized command centers all over the country.

read more › Asheboro Fire & Security is all about your personal safety, the safety of your business, and the safety of your loved ones. But we're also about fun and convenience! Home Theatre Systems: If you want to experience the thrill of the movie theater without leaving the comfort of your home, call our installation experts Asheboro Fire & Security! We can install a home theatre and surround sound system that will fit your budget and positively blow you away! We can use your existing TV as a base, or set up a top, name-brand large-screen model as an upgrade.

read more › Asheboro Fire & Security tests your alarm system when we install it. If we have converted your monitoring system from a previous service provider, we test all of your system components at that time to ensure they were properly communicating to the central station facility. Things like phone line failures, lightning or power surges, or a change in phone service (adding DSL or Internet Protocol service) may cause your normally reliable security system to become incapable of doing its job. In these cases, we do offer other monitoring options as well to find the right solution for your needs.

read more › When your alarms go off, who is the first person that will get the call? Your spouse? A family member? A close friend? Having an updated list of contacts is not only essential in case of a personal emergency, but it can also save you thousands in repair costs and damages! Asheboro Fire & Security connects your updated contacts list to our systems; giving you seamless security integration for both your home and business. Once you update with us, your contacts list gives us the insights we need to safeguard and protect your interests, and lets us know who to alert to put action plans into motion.

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