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At Peekaboo security cameras, Inc. we are committed surveillance company which strives to provide excellent services to customers. We pride ourselves on coordinating with the local law enforcement and other security agencies to work efficiently towards providing customers with security and peace of mind, safety and protection of their property. The company's primary goal is to offer comprehensive video surveillance security systems (VSSS) to consumers within the Detroit metropolitan areas.

Detroit security camera systems provide assurance and security to a single individual, neighborhoods, businesses, learning institutions, churches as well industrial areas. In addition to that, surveillance systems in Detroit can provide solid evidence in any occurrence and act as a deterrence mechanism for robbery, home invasion, vandalism or any criminal action committed on any property.

1Contact one of our company's technicians and speak with them to prepare a free no-obligation estimate. 2 An expert will then visit the project site to carry out consultation and estimation.

read more › Our audio and video division specializes in all of your commercial or home theater needs. No job is too big nor too small, let us help keep you connected! We do it all! From start-up construction to professional computer networking. Commercial and home audio solutions, bars or nightclubs, office lobbies, to single TV mount installs or full TV walls for your bar/restaurants.

read more › Lease systems for as low as $75.00 per camera per month (includes installation 4 month minimum). Why are so many businesses installing surveillance systems in their offices? The main reason is TO SAVE MONEY. Insurance (workers comp) - Every year American businesses pay out millions if not billions of dollars to their employees for workers compensation for accidents that aren't work related. Employment law in the United States heavily favors the employee and for good reason. But without a way to prove your employee wasn't hurt on the job, businesses are extremely vulnerable to abuses of the system.

read more › We are locally based in Warren, MI. Wireless networking (WiFi) is increasingly being used by businesses as more and more IT managers, consultants and end users experience the benefits and conveniences of wireless networking technology. The conveniences afforded by utilizing WiFi networks has proven indispensible in certain environments where mobility is a key factor. Regardless of the environment, the success of any wireless network installation rests on proper setup of the wireless network, with WiFi security and reliability being key.

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