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We have been in business 5 years, CamSecuritySurveillance has made the security of our customers our top priority. Today we serve the city of Indianapolis and South Florida customers with the highest level of Surveillance System available including some of the top name brands in the industry including AVYCON and CLINTON ELECTRONICS. We used HD-SDI HD Over Coax Technology.

High-definition Serial Digital Interface HD-SDI solutions are capable of transmitting 720p and 1080p resolution video over standard coax cable. We moved to IP Cameras using only AVYCON products using from 2MP Cameras up to 8MP Cameras resolution including NDAA Compliant Products. Specializing in video surveillance cameras and recording equipment for Commercial and Residential environments.

read more › Do you need a security camera system in your home? Or are you looking to upgrade your old CCTV system in your home? You have come to the right place. Cam Security Surveillance specializes in residential security camera installation. We are your best option for security camera installation in Indianapolis and South Florida. In the unfortunate event, you become a victim of crimes such as robbery, vandalism, or even kidnapping, a security camera will capture the incident. These images and videos will help the police identify the culprits, and you might even recover the stolen items.

read more › How secure is your business or commercial property? In the current times, it is quite careless not to have a surveillance camera at your place of business. A security camera system provides you more peace of mind knowing that there is an extra pair of eyes watching your property. If you need security cameras installed in your business, look no further. Cam Security Surveillance is the best commercial security camera installation company in Indiana and South Florida. Most businesses have security guards as an element of protection.

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