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Weifan Already have a security camera system, but not satisfied with the quality? Already have cameras on your system, but want new cameras that have professional grade resolution? Dynapost provides their customers with different types of DVR's and cameras. Customers can select the DVR and camera to fit their application and budget. The cameras can be PTZ, box, IR, dome, and special cameras.

In addition, Dynapost has available, different kinds of cablings including coaxial cable, cat5/cat6, fiber optic, and modulator/demodulator for customer's environments and applications. Dynapost is a licensed installer with many years of experience in the CCTV industry. Our quality installations are performed by highly trained technicians. Their goal is to surpass the expectations of our customers.

Studies have shown that 90% of CCTV system failures are the result of cabling problems. Dynapost uses the most tested and time proven cabling techniques to assuren the highest performance reliablility for our customers.

Dynapost Security Camera, , a leading company specializing in providing high quality video camera surveillance systems installation and service. We have been installing our advanced security camera systems for a variety of businesses and homes in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area for over 5 years. We have been very successful in integrating high tech

Dynapost was established in 1998. It started with major businesses in internet and network technical services. In 2002, we added a surveillance speed dome sales department and started marketing Dynavision speed dome product lines. In 2003, Dynapost expanded its business territory into security camera system integration and installation and has been

Dynapost has created customized video surveillance solutions for a wide range of businesses. Through close relationships with our overseas partners, we can offer advanced solutions to your growing security needs, and give you the tools to manage your home or business more effectively. We strongly believe that adding video surveillance technology is

Cameras equipped with IR illuminators can see in complete darkness and provide superb video performance in the worst lighting conditions. Infrared illuminators use light that is invisible to the human eye which is light that has wavelengths longer than 700 nanometers. Also, many of IR cameras with infrared illumination use photocell activation which

Versatile and unobtrusive, dome security cameras are easy to mount anywhere. Security dome cameras are also very economical because they eliminate the need to purchase lenses or mounting brackets. We have a wide variety of dome cameras to fit any security need. Color Vandal-proof Vari-focal Dome Camera, 1/3 Color Sony Super HAD CCD, NTSC 768X494, 520

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