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Fire Alarm Houston Fire Alarm Houston, a Alif Security Company, was founded in 2001 and recognized as the Best Provider of Fire Alarm Systems in Houston, TX. The purpose was to Install/Set up Top Notch Fire Safety Systems to Houston, Harris County, Fort Bend County as well as the surrounding areas. An excellent alternative to the overgrown nationwide companies. My name is Robert Santana and I'm the manager at Houston Havana Restaurant.

Recently I needed to install my fire alarm system and I was checking the internet. I made a call to Allen with Fire Alarm Houston and the response was super fast. Next day we talked together made the arrangements and the next thing was the permit from the city. The whole process was super fast and I'm very happy with the results. Our recent client DDK Kabab & Grill located in Sugar Land, TX called us to install fire alarm at their facility.

They chose Fire Alarm Houston over our competitors because of our fast response time and also our competitive pricing. There is a reason why we are the go-to guys for all Commercial Fire Alarm Systems here in Houston and surrounding areas.

read more › Fire Alarm Houston, a Alif Security company, was founded in 2001. The purpose was to provide the Life Safety System to Houston, Harris County, Fort Bend County, and the surrounding areas, a viable alternative to the overgrown nationwide companies. We pride ourselves on being the most trusted, well-rounded, and customer-oriented security company in Houston, backed by over seven years of company history and national manufacturer brand names that you know and trust, such as Honeywell. If you are looking to contact the right company for fire alarms in Texas, give us a call now at 832-626-7837 or complete the online form for a quote.

read more › Fire Alarm Houston has been providing commercial fire alarm systems installation, inspection and monitoring in Houston, TX since 2000. Before you do anything, you should think about renovations first. Renovations are a part of life for a commercial building. Whether they're renovations due to tenant changes or upgrades in an aging building, many facilities undergo renovations that coincide with the changing needs of the facilities. This became more of the norm as the economic environment stunted growth in new construction in recent years.

read more › Financially responsible shoppers rely on Fire Alarm Houston. Does your current system minimize false alarms? Will those interruptions create a loss of revenue? Fire Alarm Houston provides cost-effective fire alarm systems for retail and shops in Houston TX. Our complete line of products allows for added flexibility and security while keeping you from busting your budget. Our products help you keep financial obligations without sacrificing a safe atmosphere for your shoppers. Fire Alarm Houston provides most reliable fire alarm systems installation, inspection, and monitoring services for retail and shops in Houston, TX and also in surrounding areas.

read more › If you are looking for K-12 School fire alarm systems in Houston TX, Fire Alarm Houston can provide the most advanced fire alarm solution for your School. Fire Alarm Houston offers comprehensive 24/7 fire alarm monitoring, installation, service, and inspection for sizes in the greater Houston area. Fire Alarm Houston has a decade and three years of experience providing a complete, custom fire alarm systems that can protect students in all corners of campus. Each of our fire alarm models caters to the specific needs of an institutional facility, so it is with pleasure we offer customized and expert designs for installing fire alarm systems at your school.

read more › Fire alarms are highly effective in warning people in your place of worship that there is a fire. All premises that are churches or places of worship need some means for one person to notify others as soon as a fire occurs. You need properly installed automatic fire sprinkler systems and fire pumps to provide your place of worship with 24-hour fire protection. Fire Alarm Houston provides fire alarm systems installation, inspection, and monitoring for Church in Houston, TX. It will protect the church or places of worship from any fire occurrence.

read more › Are you building a new commercial property in Houston, TX? Let Fire Alarm Houston install Fire Alarm Systems for your new construction. Seeing your new establishment or business become a reality is a proud and exciting moment indeed. From early concepts to sketches on paper, you know that you worked hard to achieve this accomplishment. However, property owners tend to forget an important factor in their design. Major disasters are barely envisioned when creating a building, but home and business owners should take the necessary precautions against these events.

read more › As the owner/operator of a day-time child care center, you have the responsibility of tending for and protecting from harm the children of your clients. Clearly, you are taking upon yourself a great duty to promise to keep those who are, quite literally, extensions of your clients, safe. Fire Alarm Houston is a company that has been designing, servicing, and monitoring fire alarm systems in Houston, TX since 2001. Our promise is to create a fire alarm system that addresses all of your concerns about a daycare center.

read more › Celebrations are sometimes understated in fun and importance by being mistaken for the term "special occasion." Wrong! Celebrations are supposed to be worry-free unadulterated fun. Party Halls give people a place to conduct their business of fun. Capacity related issues may cause quick and steep changes in temperature, but can you be sure that there is enough fresh air in your building? Do your restrooms and restroom corridors have enough smoke detectors that are easy to maintain but inaccessible to tampering?

read more › In its essence, it's a place that adults trust to take great care of the people who took great care of them. It is a place where nearly everyone is a grandparent, or remembers a war, or a president's term, and tells you cool stories about how Coca-Cola used to be a nickel a bottle. Their long life is now in a permanent vacation phase, playing shuffleboard, knitting, and visiting with each other in common rooms over games of chess and checkers. Fire Alarm Houston provides fire alarm systems for the assisted living center in Houston, TX.

read more › Fire hazards at a theater become elevated due to a few components of a movie theater, real or potential. There are tons of people in the dark; in case of emergency are there adequate emergency exit signs to tell people where to go? Does the darkness perhaps provide cover for another harmful mischief within the theater, like rebellious teenagers who want to smoke inside the theater? Fire Alarm Houston effectively provides fire alarm systems installation, inspection, and monitoring services for movie theaters in Houston, TX.

read more › All civilizations throughout the millennia share a common concept of town-hall type meetings, where concerns about the community are charged and addressed. There is something comforting about the feeling one gets when surrounded by others who are just as much about improving the neighborhood. Homeowners Association meetings should go smoothly and aspire to create an awesome, amenities-filled subdivision; however, the Community Hall better be up to date with local fire codes before that can happen.

read more › One way to describe a hospital: Safe, with a place for everything and everything in its place. Hospitals work with professional groups, quality experts and accreditation organizations to provide the safest environment possible for patients and patient families. From the latest technology and experienced staff to sterile surfaces and gleaming floors, hospitals go to every length to provide peace of mind and safety for the hundreds of patients that come through their doors every day. Fire Alarm Houston provides the most advanced fire alarm system installation, inspection, and monitoring services for your hospital and healthcare security in Houston, TX.

read more › Do you have a gym or a fitness center? Looking for fire alarm systems for fitness center in Houston TX? Fire Alarm Houston provides affordable fire alarm system solution for your fitness center. Gym owners see trends in their enrollment based on different seasons for different reasons. Summer, for example, is a prime time for an increase in occupancy at the gym, as summertime is when many want to go to the to the beach or other vacation destinations - to show off their beach bod, courtesy of the gym, of course.

read more › Fire Alarm Houston provides fire alarm systems installation in Houston TX. Fire Alarm Houston maintains a team of experienced consultants to meet with you on a personal basis, at no extra charge, to design and install a fire alarm system with multiple devices to meet your needs. If you need fire alarm installation in Houston, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Fire Alarm Houston technicians have the proficiency and significant years of experience to install, service, support, and maintain your fire alarm system.

read more › If you are looking for addressable fire alarm control panel in Houston TX, Fire Alarm Houston is a Honeywell security dealer. We use the most innovative technology to install your monitor fire protection systems in Houston, Texas. Suited for stand-alone applications, the MS-9050UD is ideal for the following: smaller facilities such as apartments, complexes, banks, cinemas, childcare and elementary schools, department stores, food stores, places of worship, restaurants, small retail outlet stores; and other facilities requiring performance-based, sophisticated technology at reasonable cost.

read more › Fire Alarm Houston provides conventional fire alarm control panel in Houston TX, providing MS-5UD 5-Zone and MS-10UD 10-Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel. These control boards give solid fire flagging insurance to little to medium-sized business, modern, and institutional structures. The two boards incorporate implicit communicators for Central Station Service and remote transfer/download. Every one of these FACPs is perfect with System Sensor's microchip-based i3 arrangement locators. These ordinary smoke finders can transmit an upkeep inconvenience flag to the FACP showing the requirement for cleaning and a supervisory stop flag when the encompassing temperature falls underneath the identifier rating.

read more › If you are looking for fire alarm audio evacuation systems in Houston, TX, Fire Alarm Houston provides this solution for you. Nowadays, a voice system is more effective in evacuating occupants and will get people out of a structure faster in a real fire emergency. Voice EVAC Fire Alarm systems becomes very effective for additional emergency specific communication such as tornados, severe weather, earthquake or hazmat incidences, and a Voice Evacuation systems become invaluable to the basic operation of a facility and the safety of its occupants.

read more › Fire Alarm Houston provides remote power supply in Houston, TX. The FCPS-24FS6 and FCPS-24FS8 is a compact, cost-effective, 6 and 8-amp remote power supply with battery charger. The FCPS-24FS6 and FCPS-24FS8 may be connected to any 12 or 24-volt Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) or may be stand alone. Primary applications include notification appliance (bell) circuit (NAC) expansion (to support ADA requirements and NAC synchronization) or auxiliary power to support 24-volt system accessories. The FCPS-24FS8 provides regulated and filtered 24 VDC power to four notification appliance circuits configured as either four Class B (Style Y) or Class A (Style Z, with ZNAC-4 option module).

read more › If you are looking for fire alarm pull station in Houston, TX, Fire Alarm Houston provides The Fire-Lite BG-12 Series is a cost-effective, feature-packed, non-coded series of manual fire alarm pull stations. A Fire Alarm manual pull station is an active fire alarm system which is used to initiate the fire alarm. Fire alarm pull stations are the simplest form of user activated the alarm which only requires a person to pull down a handle in order to activate it. Pull station is an initiation device, anytime there is a fire you utilize the pull station to activate the alarm.

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