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Mccray Communications When you want to get the best tech for less, contact with McCray Communications. We've got what your home or business needs to be safer and more productive, including wireless security cameras, home theater and TV installation, and universal remote controls. We can also prewire you home or business, whether it's during new construction or remodeling, so that you're completely ready for your current and future wiring needs.

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read more › We're dedicated to helping your home or business stay on top of technology that can make your life safer and simpler. We specialize in security camera systems and hidden cameras, CCTV and wiring for every type of video surveillance. Whether your building is brand new or being remodeled, we also provide the best in pre-wiring so that your wiring is future-proof for as long as possible. Universal remote controls can connect everything in your home so that your life is made that much simpler. On the more fun side, we're also the area's go-to home theater installers.

read more › Whether you're interesting in security cameras for your business or the ultimate home theater installation for your home, McCray Communications is ready to outfit with the most state-of-the-art tech available. Security Cameras - Amazingly sharp home security systems for your home and CCTV for your business. Pre-wiring For New Construction or Remodeling - future-proof you home or business with the best wiring management available. Home Theater Installation - TV installation, screen selection, speaker mounting, and more.

read more › At McCray Communication, we believe the home should be a safe haven, which means the security of the home has to be a priority. So, we have dedicated a portion of our service to providing you with the commercial grade surveillance camera systems New Orleans, La and quality installation that your home needs to remain safe at all times. We understand that surveillance cameras aren't necessarily a new thing. But with our commercial upgrades and quality assured installations, adding a security camera to your home can make the difference when keeping your family out of harm's way.

read more › The sky's the limit for your new construction! Why not set yourself up for success with a customized pre-wiring to match you or your client's needs? One of the biggest mistakes a homeowner can make is not thinking ahead when it comes to wiring. If a year down the road that you want to connect your mounted TV to the cable box several feet away while still hiding the cords, you'll be smashing a hole in your wall. This is just one small example of the major construction changes people often make to accommodate new and upcoming electronic options in their home.

read more › Your surround sound and audio system is what turns your boring home into an entertainment center. We provide all our surround sound and audio system clients with the best of the best when it comes to quality, commercial grade equipment, as well as installation and customer service. If you need help figuring out what type of audio system you want to be installed, or where it should be placed, our experts are standing by 24/7 ready to guide you through exactly what type of system and layout will be best for your home.

read more › When it comes to your TV installation you have several wall mounting options that make for the perfect living space: mounting your TV without any components showing below, mounting it above a fireplace with hidden components, above a mantle with components in a media niche, or creating a full home theater screen. The options of how and where you put your TV screen are practically endless. However, TV installation on your own can be extremely dangerous, especially when mounting above a fireplace or smokestack.

read more › How many remotes do you have in your home? Now, how many do you wish you had? The answer, of course, is one; one remote to control everything in your home. One set of batteries to change, one remote to keep track of, and one great reason to get rid of that ugly 'remote basket' you've been using since your bachelor pad days. That is what true luxury is and with McCray Communication, this luxury is much closer than you may have thought. With our RTI remotes we can ensure you can control multiple functions no matter where you are in the house.

read more › Are you thinking about remodeling your home? Don't forget to update your wiring and technology options while you are at it! It's an excellent chance to cut holes, re-work, and pre-wire your home to be more compatible with your needs and up-and-coming technology as it comes along. At McCray Communications, we understand that so many things can change in just a couple years. So, when you get the opportunity to remodel your home, we want to be there to help you truly optimize your space! From home theater installation so that you can finally hide those wires, to pre-wiring so that you can take advantage of universal remotes, we want to be there for you.

read more › Tech is constantly changing and improving, and the advanced innovations you heard about five years ago costing thousands of dollars might be more affordable than ever. Security camera systems are also more efficient, hidden cameras are smaller, home theaters are sharper and more dynamic than ever before.

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